"I'm old. I'm afraid. My visions haven't been very reliable lately."
—Zakal shortly before his vanquish at the hands of the demon Phoenix.[src]

Zakal was a powerful wizard who lived for many years. Due to his power of foresight and the fact that he was well-connected, he was not killed like almost every other member of kind, but was made an assistant of the Source of All, apparently before the Oracle. In 2006, Piper Halliwell, Paige Matthews and Phoenix (disguised as Phoebe Halliwell) summoned Zakal to find out if he had foreseen any threats against them (the Charmed Ones). He answered only by saying that by the time that they figured out which demon was after them, it would be too late. Phoenix, in order to channel the Power of Three into herself, vanquished him with a potion just as he was beginning to talk[1].

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