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Leo Wyatt: "My grandmother's quilt."
Piper Halliwell: "Her red quilt. The colour of anger and violence and all things bad."
Leo Wyatt: "Bad? I used that quilt."
Piper Halliwell: "Well, you can have it back. Wyatt is now using the powder blue baby blanket."
— Piper taking Leo' grandmother's blanket from Wyatt[src]

The grandmother of Leo Wyatt and his many brothers and sisters was a mortal, and the mother of mother-in-law of Christopher Wyatt. Leo used her quilt when he was a baby, and somehow had it in his possession before giving it to his eldest son.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Leo Wyatt: My grandmother's quilt. / Piper Halliwell: Her red quilt. The colour of anger and violence and all things bad. / Leo Wyatt: Bad? I used that quilt. / Piper Halliwell: Well, you can have it back. (Used Karma)

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