Wyatt (FC1)
Wyatt Matthew Halliwell
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June, 2003[1]
San Francisco, California

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Witch (half-whitelighter)



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Eye color


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Family members
See Halliwell family
Magical characteristics
Active powers

Leader of the Order (possibly) †

"Well, if there's one thing you guys taught me, magic may work in mysterious ways but it always works."

Wyatt Matthew[21] Halliwell (b. June, 2003[1]) was a half-whitelighter, first child of Leo Wyatt and Piper Halliwell, and elder brother to Chris and Melinda. He fulfilled an ancient prophecy, and his vast array of powers and magical ability led to him being sought after by various demons, and was seen as a threat by Gideon and various members of the Council of Elders.



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  1. 1.0 1.1 Wyatt was six months old during Necromancing the Stone, which took place shortly before Oh My Goddess, Part 1 and Part 2. Oh My Goddess took place six months prior to Prince Charmed (which was in May or June, 2004), placing the two-parter in November or December, 2003, and, presumably, Necromancing the Stone took place shortly before. Six months prior to November was May. Wyatt's birthday takes place after Piper's (which is at some point between May 21 and June 20), so, through these assertions, we can be reasonably sure that Wyatt was born during about the same period. However, Witch Way Now? took place in November, 2002 (Phoebe conceived her son on the harvest moon --- September 9 --- and lost the child eight weeks later, making it November), when Piper learnt that she was pregnant. This would seem to imply that Piper had not been pregnant for an extended period of time, placing Wyatt's assumed conception date in October or November, 2002. As Wyatt was born thirty-four weeks afterwards, this would place his birthdate in June or July, 2003. Given that June is also supported by the first argument, this seems the most likely.
  2. Drake Demond: You're too late. Wyatt already healed her. (The Seven Year Witch)
  3. Piper Halliwell: But wait, I still don't understand. Who summoned you? / Leo Wyatt: The baby? (Happily Ever After)
  4. Penny Halliwell: What am I doing here? And, uh, corporeal to boot. (Happily Ever After)
  5. Paige Matthews: Now what the hell is going on with your powers, lady? / Piper Halliwell: I don't know. I think my half-Whitelighter baby thought that fireworks would be prettier than demon guts. (Siren Song)
  6. Phoebe Halliwell: Don't blame my niece, she magically swapped your powers because the two of you were not communicating. (Siren Song)
  7. Leo Wyatt: So I want you to stay next to Wyatt, his force field will protect you. (Sense and Sense Ability)
  8. Leo Wyatt: He's doing it, he's using his powers to set off the alarm. (Baby's First Demon)
  9. 9.0 9.1 Leo Wyatt: He sensed me and he orbed? (Sense and Sense Ability)
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  11. Piper Halliwell: Well, apparently he magically changed the channel. (Forget Me... Not)
  12. Paige Matthews: Wait a second, so you're saying Wyatt conjured a dragon? / Piper Halliwell: Yep, right out of the TV. (Forget Me... Not)
  13. Used by Wyatt on his dragon in Forget Me... Not.
  14. Used by Wyatt in Soul Survivor to scare away Piper's dates.
  15. Used by Wyatt in Sword and the City to impale Mordaunt with Excalibur.
  16. Used by Wyatt in It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World, Part 2 to vanquish two Vulture Demons.
  17. Used by Wyatt in Scry Hard to trap Leo and Piper in Penny's dollhouse.
  18. Used by Wyatt in Scry Hard to shrink Leo and Piper.
  19. Used by Wyatt in Payback's a Witch, where he transforms his toys into real people.
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