Biographical Information
Died 2004
Physical Information
Species Warlock
Gender Male
Hair colour Light (possibly[1]
Eye colour Brown
Skin colour White
Loyalty Witch Wars
"You want battles? You thirst for blood? You ain't seen nothin' yet. Of course, that warlock won't be seeing anything ever again, will he?"
Corr joking about this warlock's vanquish.[src]

This individual was a warlock[2] who competed in the demonic gameshow Witch Wars, hosted by Corr and Clea. In the first round, he and the other contestants had to steal an amulet from a witch, which previously belonged to her grandmother. As the warlock approached Tali, the witch, she fought back with a pipe, but he dodged each and every one of her strikes. Paige Matthews and Christopher Halliwell (from an alternate future) then arrived, and Paige vanquished the warlock with a potion.

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Notes and References Edit

  1. Due to his light eyebrows.
  2. Stated by Corr.