Unidentified Warren I
Biographical Information
Died 18th or 19th Century (possibly)
Physical Information
Species Human/Witch
Gender Female
Hair colour Brown
Skin colour White
Familial Information
Family members
Magical Characteristics
Magical possessions Book of Shadows (possibly)
Loyalty Warren line

This individual was presumably a witch and member of the Warren line. A painting of her was hung in the living room of 1329 Prescott Street, better known as the Halliwell Manor, in a golden decorative frame[1]. As it was a painting of her rather than a photo, she presumably lived in the 18th or 19th Century.

This witch apparently possessed the power of either telekinesis, freezing or premonition unless her father was also a witch, in which case she may have inherited a different power from her paternal family. She could also presumably cast spells, brew potions and scry. The Book of Shadows may have been passed down to her.

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  1. As seen in the Unaired Pilot when the chandelier glows.