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The Crystal Ball
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Donovan: "It's the same story with all the books. None of them deserve to be banned."
Monkeyshines: "I suppose you want another naked Godiva riding out of the book again?"
Paige Matthews: "Is that what this is all about? Godiva?"
Donovan: "It's just an excuse and he knows it. He's using it to push his own agenda which is to stifle freedom of speech."
— Monkeyshines arguing with Paige Matthews and Donovan[src]

Professor Monkeyshines (d. January, 2006) was a gnome and professor of Literature at Magic School, where he was unpopular amongst both the students and the staff.

In January, 2006, Monkeyshines used the incident of Duncan conjuring Lady Godiva from a library book as a reason to attempt to ban a large amount of books from the library, despite Donovan's protests. Paige Matthews insisted that he read the books first, which he resigned to doing, but was killed by fictional gangsters after being transported into the world inside Crossed, Double-Crossed.

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Cole Turner was born in 1885 to Benjamin Turner, a mortal, and his wife, Elizabeth, a demon in disguise. Not long after he was born, his mother killed Benjamin with an energy ball and raised Cole in the underworld, giving her husband's soul to the Source of All Evil. Cole became a powerful demon, known as Belthazor...


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Phoebe: "Leo, how is it possible for an angel to even get knocked out. I mean you are after all technically dead."
Leo: "Three years together and now you're asking these questions."
Piper: "Well, uh, I think the more appropriate questions is: how does a whitelighter get somebody knocked up?"
— Charmed Again, Part 2
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