Slappy was the name of a clown-puppet owned by Paige Matthews since childhood. In 2003, before Wyatt Halliwell's baby shower, Phoebe nearly obliterated the clown with a vanquishing potion. Around this time, Paige started getting recurring dreams about a baby (who was, unbeknownst to her, herself) which included Slappy telling her that no one cared about the baby. The day after Slappy's near destruction, a large amount of Dream Dust caused Paige's dream to become a reality, so a lifesize version of Slappy was created. He was trapped inside a crystal cage along with Ryder, Piper's dream lover, and a chainsaw wielding individual from Phoebe's dream. Slappy vanished after Paige learnt the truth of her dreams; that she was trying to make up for the fact that her own birth was not celebrated by celebrating baby Wyatt's.

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