Charmed season one dvd
Season One
No. of episodes


Original channel

The WB

Original run

October 7, 1998 - May 26, 1999

DVD release
Region 1

February 1, 2005

Region 2

April 4, 2005

Region 4

May 18, 2005

Season chronology

Season Two


The first season of Charmed premiered on October 7, 1998 on The WB. Airing on Wednesdays at 9 P.M., the season consisted of twenty-two episodes and concluded its airing on May 26, 1999.

Charmed: The Complete First Season was released in a six-disc box set on February 1, 2005 and was re-released as part of the "Book of Shadows" edition DVD collection on November 18, 2008.

DVD SummaryEdit

The discovery that they are descendants of a long line of witches finds three sisters battling demons and warlocks - and occasionally each other.

When the beautiful Halliwell sisters inherit a house from their grandmother and discover a secret "Book of Shadows," they learn that they each have a unique power. The strong-willed Prue (Shannen Doherty) can move objects, reserved Piper (Holly Marie Combs) is able to freeze time, and the unhibitited Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) sees the future, individually, each is strong, but it is only by putting aside their differences and bonding together as the "Power of Three" that they will be able to protect the innocent and vanquish evil. Each exciting episode in this richly layered series is a supernatural adventure brewing with suspense and humor.

Cast and charactersEdit

Main castEdit

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Episode listEdit

# Production code Title Original airdate
1 1 1498704 Something Wicca This Way Comes October 7, 1998
Phoebe reads
Written by: Constance M. Burge Directed by: John T. Kretchmer
Reunited in the grand Victorian house of their childhood, a trio of sisters, Prue, Piper, and Phoebe Halliwell discover they are gifted witches. Little do they know that their newfound powers mean that they are now prey to evil forces.
2 2 4398001 I've Got You Under My Skin October 14, 1998
Tia screams
Written by: Brad Kern Directed by: John T. Kretchmer
Phoebe can't resist a peek into the future. She and her sisters learn their first lesson in witchcraft - deadly demons can come in any kind of package, including gorgeous male photographers.
3 3 4398003 Thank You for Not Morphing October 21, 1998
Book - threshold
Written by: Chris Levinson & Zack Estrin Directed by: Ellen Pressman 
Reunited with their long-lost father, Victor Halliwell, the sisters are ecstatic but a little suspicious of his sudden reappearance. Could good ol' dad have an ulterior motive?
4 4 4398005 Dead Man Dating October 28, 1998
Mark looks at body
Written by: Javier Grillo-Marxuach Directed by: Richard Compton
Prue tries to avoid a birthday celebration as Piper befriends and saves the restless soul of a ghost who was murdered by a gang leader. The sisters save his soul and learn a valuable lesson.
5 5 4398002 Dream Sorcerer November 4, 1998
Skye falls
Written by: Constance M. Burge Directed by: Nick Marck
Overworked Prue battles a sleep demon in the guise of a handsome man, while Phoebe conjures a spell to attract men that turns out to be too strong - the sisters can barely escape their myriad admires.
6 6 4398004 The Wedding from Hell November 11, 1998
Written by: Greg Elliot & Michael Perricone Directed by: Richard Ginty
An evil-bride-to-be, interested only in creating more demonic offspring, battles the Halliwell sisters during her demonic wedding party but is thwarted by Prue's investigation of a mysterious knife.
7 7 4398006 The Fourth Sister November 18, 1998
Aviva with Kit
Written by: Edithe Swensen Directed by: Gilbert Adler
A troubled teenager, Aviva (Danielle Harris), befriends Phoebe with the hopes of joining the Halliwell coven of witches, but Aviva's mentor has her own agenda - to steal the Charmed Ones' powers.
8 8 4398007 The Truth Is Out There... and It Hurts November 25, 1998
Mitchell dying
Written by: Zack Estrin & Chris Levinson Directed by: James A. Contner
The sisters stumble across a truth spell in the Book of Shadows and are put in the dangerous position of having to hear and speak the truth for 24 hours.
9 9 4398008 The Witch Is Back December 16, 1998
Tate freed
Written by: Sheryl J. Anderson Directed by: Richard Denault
Prue is attacked by a powerful 300-year warlock (Billy Wirth) who is furious about having been trapped in a locket by an ancestor of the Halliwell sisters. The vengeful warlock can copy others' powers and the Charmed Ones must stop him.
10 10 4398009 Wicca Envy January 13, 1998
Rex influences
Written by: Brad Kern & Sheryl J. Anderson Directed by: Mel Damski
Prue's devious boss and secret warlock Rex (Neil Roberts) frames Prue for stealing a priceless tiara and puts her in jail. The sisters plot a jailbreak to catch the sly Rex in action.
11 11 4398010 Feats of Clay January 20, 1999
Guardian kills
Written by: Michael Perricone, Greg Elliot, Chris Levinson & Zack Estrin Directed by: Kevin Inch
Phoebe's ex-boyfriend Clay (Victor Browne) breezes into town looking for a reconciliation but, as usual, there are strings attached. This time, Clay brings with him a mortal curse in a stolen Egyptian urn.
12 12 4398011 The Wendigo February 3, 1999
Fallon attacks
Written by: Edithe Swensen Directed by: James L. Conway
When a hideous supernatural creature attacks Piper, she begins to make a strange transformation with similar traits to her attacker. Prue and Phoebe must save her by vanquishing the beast. But at night in the woods, how will they know for sure if it's the creature, or if it's Piper?
13 13 4398012 From Fear to Eternity February 10, 1999
Barbas reads Tanjella
Written by: Tony Blake & Paul Jackson Directed by: Les Sheldon
Every 1300 years, a unique demon appears that feeds on the fears of witches. This time it is targeting the Halliwell sisters and they receive aid from their Wicca mother just as they are close to their own fearful deaths.
14 14 4398013 Secrets and Guys February 17, 1999
Prue and spirit board
Written by: Constance M. Burge & Sheryl J. Anderson Directed by: James A. Contner
A kidnapped boy (David Netter) with special powers sends cryptic cries of help to Prue. The search for the boy leads to the unveiling of a special secret about Leo, Piper's beau.
15 15 4398014 Is There a Woogy in the House? February 24, 1999
The Shadow points
Written by: Zack Estrin & Chris Levinson Directed by: John T. Kretchmer
Phoebe's fear of a "Woogyman" who lives in the basement is an ongoing source of amusement for her two sisters. That is, until a violent earthquake unleashes a long-dormant shadow-demon that turns Phoebe against her siblings.
16 16 4398015 Which Prue Is It, Anyway? March 3, 1999
Written by: Javier Grillo-Marxuach Directed by: John Behring
In an effort to save herself, Prue chants an incantation to multiply her strength. Surprisingly, the spell results in the creation of multiple Prue's.
17 17 4398016 That '70s Episode April 7, 1999
Written by: Sheryl J. Anderson Directed by: Richard Denault
The Halliwell sisters must cast a spell that returns them to the mid-'70s in order to save themselves from a warlock that is immune to the powers of the Charmed Ones.
18 18 4398017 When Bad Warlocks Go Good April 28, 1999
Written by: Edithe Swensen Directed by: Kevin Inch
Outrageous situations arise when Phoebe tries to help Piper make a love connection, and Prue meets a young man who is fighting against his destiny to become evil.
19 19 4398018 Out of Sight May 5, 1999
Written by: Tony Blake & Paul Jackson Directed by: Craig Zisk
The sisters attempt a dangerous rescue of a boy who has been kidnapped by a Grimlock, and Prue's secret is shattered when a reporter witnesses her using her magical powers.
20 20 4398019 The Power of Two May 12, 1999
Written by: Brad Kern Directed by: Elodie Keene
The evil spirit of a serial killer escapes from Alcatraz Island seeking revenge. It's up to Phoebe and Prue to figure out how to vanquish this evil spirit and stop him from killing again, and they must do it without Piper.
21 21 4398020 Love Hurts May 19, 1999
Written by: Chris Levinson, Zack Estrin & Javier Grillo-Marxuach Directed by: James Whitmore, Jr.
Returning to San Francisco, Leo (Brian Krause) asks the Halliwell sisters to protect an innocent woman who is being stalked by a demonic suiter. Piper finally learns that her beau, Leo, is a Whitelighter. Because of this, Piper must say goodbye to her love.
22 22 4398021 Déjà Vu All Over Again May 26, 1999
Written by: Brad Kern & Constance M. Burge Directed by: Les Sheldon
Fighting for their lives, the Charmed Ones combat time sorcerer Tempus (guest star David Carradine) who has created a terrifying time loop. It is a race against the clock as the sisters try to find a way out of their terrifying recurring deaths.

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