Season FourEdit


Season Four

The action starts at Prue's funeral. A week has passed since the fatal event. The sisters don't want to accept Prue's death and Piper casts a spell of "Calling the Witch Lost" as an attempt to retrieve her sister. For some reason, the call is answered by a young social worker - Paige Matthews. She attends the funeral of Prue despite not knowing why she is there. When greeting the sisters to give them her condolences, Paige gives Phoebe a premonition of Paige being attacked by Shax. Unfortunately, a hunter of demons decides to crash the funeral to capture Cole, and Phoebe does not get to know the name of Paige.

The spirit of Penny, Piper visit and tells him that their destinies are not yet complete. However phobe can protect Cole and Paige of Paige and Shax and uncover that can orbit.

After a long search for the reason of this event, Cole discovers that the underworld source believes that the replenish the Charmed One: Paige.

Penny and Patty are called to account for the successful and show that Paige is an illegitimate daughter of Patty and whitelighter this, Samuel Wilder. This fact allows us to reconstruct the Power of Three. The sisters Paige and try to help make this disappear Shax.

The season continues with Paige trying to believe everything that is new to adapt to life with the sisters and their new status as a Piper Charmed One will be a very hard time accepting all this and get the drop memory of her sister. Phoebe will act as a mediator between the two.

In the end, Cole is unable to break free of their roots and demon to save the Halliwells from the Source ends up having to seek the malignant forces. With the death of the Source, Cole is forced to become the new Source, to complete ignorance of the sisters. He will try in union with the Seer marry Phoebe and that it has a baby according to the prophecies would be the child's most powerful underworld. Cole canon marry Phoebe and enticing to the dark side. Phoebe is faced between the sisters and Cole. When you discover that the Seer walks to feed with pure venom, Phoebe sees that needs to go back to the sisters. Together, the sisters destroy much of the visionary and high level of demons.

With the death of the source and destination that they had already been mapped treaty, the sisters visited by the Angel of Destiny, which tells them that if they want can free them from their being witches, thus enabling them to live a normal life, but without any recollection of that life. The sisters after much thinking reject the offer as being witches is a part of their lives that can not be dissociated. The Angel of Destiny leaves them saying that good things happened briefly for Leo and Piper - Piper is pregnant.

Episodes Edit

Episode # Title:
67 Charmed Again, Part 1
68 Charmed Again, Part 2
69 Hell Hath No Fury
70 Enter The Demon
71 Size Matters
72 A Knight To Remember
73 Brain Drain
74 Black As Cole
75 Muse To My Ears
76 A Paige From The Past
77 Trial By Magic
78 Lost And Bound
79 Charmed And Dangerous
80 The Three Faces Of Phoebe
81 Marry Go Round
82 The Fifth Halliwheell
83 Saving Private Leo
84 Bite Me
85 We're Off to See the Wizard
86 Long Live The Queen
87 Womb Raider
88 Witch Way Now?

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