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"One of the few diabolical Traders of Souls who thrives off of the prolonged suffering of Spirits. He preys on the afterlife, especially those paying Wages of Sin. He may be found in bordellos, bars, nightclubs and the like... and is most weakened by the light of day."
—The Book of Shadows entry on Sargon.[src]

Sargon (vanquished 2000) was a frightening-looking demon[3] and Soul Trader who thrived off of the pain and suffering of spirits trapped in time loops. He may have possessed the powers of either telekinesis or psychokinesis and pyrokinesis, but was weakened by sunlight. Sargon made deals with mortals in order to create the loops with which he would use to feed off of.

During 1899, he made a pact with Count Roget, the bankrupt owner of Cabaret Fantome, in order to create a time loop in which the people at the club would die in a fire he would start over and over again. Not long after Roget signed the deal, Sargon left and magically sealed all exits so no one could escape, before lighting the club on fire and burning everyone inside[4]. Decades afterwards, in the year 2000, he was encountered by, or attacked, Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell, and was vanquished by them[5]. Some time prior to his vanquish, he was encountered by a witch of the Halliwell family or Warren line, who wrote an entry on him in the Book of Shadows[6].

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  1. If Sargon lit the fire that burned Cabaret Fantome, then it is likely that he possessed the power of pyrokinesis.
  2. If Sargon used one of his active powers to lock the doors and windows of Cabaret Fantome.
  3. According to George.
  4. Show Ghouls, Season Seven.
  5. Piper said, in 2005, that they vanquished Sargon five years ago, so, therefore in 2000.
  6. As it is unlikely that the Charmed Ones wrote the entry in the Book.