The Queen of the Underworld
Title Information
Full title The Queen of the Underworld
Also known as The Queen of All Evil
Purpose Ruler of Demons and the Underworld
Title bearers
"You can't be Queen of the Underworld and a Charmed One."
Leonardo Wyatt trying to sawy Phoebe Halliwell to good after she was made Queen.[src]

The Queen of the Underworld, also known as the Queen of All Evil, is a title in the Underworld used by the consort of the Source of All Evil. During the coronation of the Source, he will take his consort down the aisle to the Grimoire, and have her present during the ceremony. It is unknown if the Queens are coronated or not, though it is unlikely, though they are given additional powers like the Source. The earliest known Queen of the Underworld is Hecate, a flesh-eating and imortal demon who ascended from her domain every two centuries to sire a half-demon child from a mortal. The Order of the Stephanine Cross!

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