Prudence Halliwell
Prudence II
Biographical Information
Born 2042
Died Unknown
Also known as Prue (possibly)
Title(s) None
Physical Information
Species Human (possibly part Angel)
Gender Female
Hair colour Brown
Eye colour Brown
Skin colour White
Familial Information
Family members
Magical Characteristics
Magical possessions None
Greatest fears Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Home Halliwell Manor (possibly)
Loyalty Halliwell family
"Again, grandmomma, again."
—Prudence insited Piper re-read parts of the Book of Shadows to her.[src]

Prudence Halliwell[1] was one of Leonardo Wyatt's and Piper Halliwell's grandchildren and an heir to the Book of Shadows. She was born sometime after 2036[2], when Matthew was born, to either Wyatt, Chris or Melinda Halliwell and was gifted with the power of telekinesis. She either lived with or visited her grandparents in the Halliwell Manor and would be read parts of the Book by Piper, such as the Charmed Ones' life entries. Her eight siblings and cousins, including; a blonde-haired boy and girl, a brown-haired boy and girl and Matthew, the eldest[3].

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Prudence with Book

Young Prudence reading from the Book of Shadows, which would be hers in later life.

"A house full of grandkids..."
Leo Wyatt to Piper Halliwell.[src]

Prudence was born sometime after 2036 and was named after her great-aunt, Prue. She was one of Piper Halliwell's and Leonardo Wyatt's grandchildren, known to be younger than Matthew. She was gifted with the power of telekinesis, implying that she was born to Melinda Halliwell rather than Wyatt or Chris, and could presumably cast spells, brew potions and scry. Prudence either visited or lived with her grandparents in the family Manor, and was read parts of the Book of Shadows by Piper. One day, she was read the Charmed Ones' life entries, and insisted that her grandmother read it again, but she said she needed to rest and let her read from the Book freely. When a few of her cousins and siblings arrived at the Manor, Prudence closed the door with a wave of her hand and a smile. She may also have attended Magic School, just like Matthew, where her granfather taught. If she did, she would have taken classes in Telekinesis, Spellcasting, Potion-making and possibly Advanced Magic and Combat.

Later Life Edit

"The next generation can pick up where we left off."
Phoebe Halliwell concerning demon-fighting.[src]

In her later life, it is possible that Prudence inherited the Book of Shadows, as hinted by a quote by Piper[4]. However, she may have been referring to all of her grandchildren including Matthew Halliwell and the others when she said "it'll be yours one day." It is probable that she also became a protector of the innocent and slayer of demons, warlocks, evil witches and other forces of evil, just like all those of the Warren line before her.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Spellcasting: Prudence, as a witch, was able to cast spells, aswell as write them.
  • Potion-making: As a magical witch, Prudene was also able to brew and create potions.

Etymology Edit

Prudence's first name, which came from both her great-aunt and her mother or aunt, is the Medieval form of Prudentia, a feminine form of Prudentius. In England it was used during the Middle Ages and it was revived in the 17th century by the Puritans, in part from the English word prudence, ultimately of the same source.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • Prudence was played by Julia Di Angelo in her one and only appearance in the final scene of Forever Charmed and the entire series.
  • Prudence was the last character ever to be seen on Charmed, and the only non-main character or villain to close the front door of the Halliwell Manor.
  • It is most likely that Prudence was the daughter of Melinda Halliwell, though this is unknown, since she could have inherited Chris' or Wyatt's telekinesis.

Notes and References Edit

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