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Prudence Halliwell I
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October 28, 1970[1]
San Francisco, California[2]


Early October, 2001 (aged 30)[3]
San Francisco, California



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  • Female
  • Male (under a spell)

5' 3"

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Greatest fear
  • Drowning (overcome)
  • Losing a sister
"I've tried everything else. Fighting against the magic. Reclaiming the magic. Giving up the magic. Doing nothing might just be my final reward. Ever think of that?"
—Prue to Cole[src]

Prudence Halliwell (also known as Prue; October 28, 1970[1]October, 2001[3]) was a Charmed One, daughter of Victor Bennet and Patty Halliwell, elder sister to Piper and Phoebe Halliwell and half-sister to Paige Matthews. She developed the powers of telekinesis and astral projection.

After the binding spell cast on the sisters broke, Prue, initially hesitant to the idea of being a witch, came to embrace her destiny, going so far as to burn the relinquishing spell in the Halliwell Book of Shadows. She developed her second power in 2000, and soon developed control over it. However, neither of her powers helped her against Shax, whose target was under the sisters' protection, and she was killed. However, still tied to her sisters through their shared destiny, she came across a witch whose soul had been taken by Charon and took control of her body, starting a new life helping witches in Salem.

Prue was later reunited with her sisters, as well as her half-sister Paige Matthews, which caused all four of the sisters' powers to go out of control, which led to Prue stripping her powers due to her holding the Power of Three back. She later used a spell to reconnect the Underworld and the Upper Regions to Earth, and so became the conduit between the three worlds and becoming the Nexus of the All.


Early childhoodEdit

"Always in a hurry, Prue. You skipped crawling and went straight to walking."

Prue was born on October 28, 1970[1] to Victor Bennet and Patty Halliwell, a mortal businessman and a witch respectively, who either married shortly before or after Prue's birth.[4] She was named after her great, great, great, great, great, great-grandmother, Prudence Wentworth,[5] and was given her mother's surname, presumably upon Penny Halliwell's urging. According to her father, she was a fast learner as a young child, able to walk before even crawling.[6]

As a toddler, Prue developed the power of telekinesis and was able to use it through squinting her eyes or by using her hands, as Penny did. Her being a witch caused several arguments between Victor, Patty and Penny, as Victor did not believe that his wife and mother-in-law could keep her permanently safe from the demon attacks against the family.[7]

Prue and Piper argue (T70sE)

Prue after using her power to take a doll from Piper.

"No fair, using magic!"
—Piper complaining at Prue using her powers[src]

When Prue was two years old, her parents had another daughter, named Piper. Though close, Prue would often use her power against Piper, blocking her way or forcibly taking an object from her, while Piper was incapable of doing the same, given that her immobilization power did not have any effect on other witches. They were also taught spells by their grandmother.

Outside of magic, Prue and Piper befriended Andy Trudeau, who was the same age as Prue and presumably lived nearby. Whenever Andy witnessed either of the sisters using their powers (usually due to Piper, who immobilized him several times), Penny was able to erase his memories. At some point, Prue and Piper met Gideon as children.[8]

Nicholas ordealEdit

"Yeah, with Dad gone, she [Patty] had to pay the bills somehow. I remember she used to come home late at night and she'd kiss me and she always smelt like burgers."
Patty teaches Prue (T70sE)

Prue being taught the return spell by her mother.

In early 1975, Victor left the family out of frustration for no longer than several months, unaware that Patty was pregnant with a third daughter. This left Patty struggling financially, getting a job at Buddy's, which required long working hours, and calling in Penny to look after Prue and Piper. Patty would return home at night and say goodnight to her daughters, Prue later noting that she "always smelt like burgers". [9]

On March 24, 1975, Prue and Piper met their time-traveling selves from 1999 before Penny expelled them from the house using her power. However, later, while Prue and Piper were arguing over a doll, their future-selves returned and planned to use them for their powers, as they had none, being in their past. For this kidnapping, their future-selves were arrested and Prue and Piper returned home, only to be woken up later to cast a spell to return their future-selves to their time.

"I'll have to bind their powers. [...] Strip them from the young ones so Nicholas can't get ahold of them. It doesn't have to be done right away. As soon as Phoebe's born, I'll cast a spell and suspend their, uh, your powers."
—Penny telling her plan to future-Prue and Piper[src]

On November 2, Patty had a third daughter named Phoebe, constituting the Charmed Ones and granting the sisters the Power of Three. However, Penny used a spell to bind their powers and erased their memories of possessing them in order to prevent Nicholas from getting to them, planning to unbind them once Nicholas was dealt with.[10]

At some point, Victor returned to the family, happy that he was able to raise them as mortal girls.

Childhood as a mortalEdit

Before parents' divorceEdit

Victor and Prue in the truck

Prue being saved from the Nothing by Victor.

Victor: "You were home with a cold. You must've been about six. Your mom had some errands to run, so she took your sisters with her and left me home in charge of you. You had asked me to read you a story. You used to love that. But the cold was too much for you. You only lasted a page or two. When I left your room you were still sleeping. I never heard you come downstairs. You must've been looking for a glass of water or me. And that must've been when you heard it."
Prue: "The song."
Victor: "I mean, I heard a truck drive by and stop a few doors down, but I didn't think anything of it. It was an ice-cream truck, how was I to know? But somehow you did. And you must've gone in the living room following that song. And that's when you saw it happen. A little boy not much older than yourself."
Prue: "Yeah. He was standing by the truck, and something pulled him in. He was so scared."
Victor: "And you ran out to help him."
— Victor and Prue[src]

In late 1975 or during 1976, when Prue was six years of age, she was left home with Victor with a cold while Patty was busy with Piper and Phoebe. She saw a demon child get trapped inside the Ice Cream Truck, leading her to try and save him by entering the truck herself. After Victor found that she was missing, he went after her and rescued her. Despite his heroics, Penny insisted that he would never be able to keep Prue or her sisters safe without any powers.

At the age of seven, Prue broke her ankle.[11]

"You were both toddlers. You just thought Mommy got a little fat. You never knew I was pregnant."
Lily (Prue's drawing)

Prue's drawing of Lily.

Prue adapted well to living without magic, though she and her sisters did form a friendship with Lily before they grew up. In 1977, Patty was pregnant with Sam Wilder's child, though Prue, who was only seven years old, and her sisters did not realize. Penny and Sam were the only ones whom Patty told about the baby, and, upon Penny's urging, Patty and Sam gave her up and not to mention her to the girls.

Victor: "Always in a hurry, Prue. You skipped crawling and went straight to walking."
Prue: "Ah, we're sharing memories. Well, I got one of my own; your back walking out the door."
— Prue to Victor[src]

During Patty's pregnancy, she and Victor divorced, largely because of Penny and her insistence that Victor would not be able to keep the girls safe from something like the Ice Cream Truck again. Prue was apparently present when Victor left the family, claiming that she could remember him leaving the house. She would later say that Victor was dead to her the moment that he left Patty.[12]

Patty's death and new responsibilitiesEdit

Prue sees Patty's body

Prue watching her mother being put in a body bag.

"Is that her little girl? Get her away from here. We don't want her to see her mom like this."
—A man at Camp Skylark[src]

In the summer of 1978, when Prue was eight years old, Patty was killed by the Water Demon at the sisters' camp. Prue saw her mother's corpse and called out her name as she was placed in a body bag. The last words that Prue had said to her mother before she died was "I love you", which caused her to develop a fear of the people she admitted to loving would leave.[13]

Prue and her sisters attended Patty's funeral, after which Penny took them to a local beach to try and cheer them up. However, this had the opposite effect on Prue, saying that there was "something about" the sand and ocean that made her feel angry.[14]

"Ever since Mom drowned you've been terrified of the water. That's why you never took swimming lessons with us. We've always known that was the reason, it's okay."
—Piper to Prue[src]

With Patty's death, Prue became largely responsible for Piper and Phoebe. Penny moved back into the house to raise them as their legal guardian, which Prue helped her do, causing her to miss out on a large part of her childhood. This lead to Phoebe feeling that she could not talk to her, comparing her to a mother figure rather than as a sister.[15] Aside from her inability to profess her love to someone in words, she was also left terrified of water, which stopped her from taking swimming lessons with Piper and Phoebe. Though they knew that that was the reason, they did not confront her about it.[16]

Teenage yearsEdit

Prue (17)

Prue at the age of seventeen.

"Prue, you were class president. You have no idea what it's like on the other side."
—Piper to Prue[src]

Prue attended Baker High School, as did her childhood friend Andy Trudeau. She was a popular student, cheerleader[17] and class president.[18] Despite her popularity and social status, she was also a hardworking student with an interest in photography and history, particularly antiques.[19]

At the age of seventeen, Prue briefly went through a rebellious stage, given that she had a large amount of responsibility. She was attacked by her boyfriend, who she thought she loved. Once Penny found out, she was enraged, and Piper later speculated that she might have used witchcraft against him, as they never saw him again afterwards.[20]

During high school, Prue also had a romantic relationship with Andy, the two of them missing their prom night to engage in romantic activities.[21] However, after graduation, Andy moved to Portland.[22] Piper's classmate, Justin Harper, also used to follow Prue around.[23]


Car accidentEdit

Piper: "Well, Phoebe and I were teenagers and Grams was extremely over-protective."
Phoebe: "But she was hardest on Prue. She kind of made Prue take care of us. She didn't let Prue go away to school. She wanted to go back east to be a photo journalist."
Piper: "But Grams knew that we were gonna become witches and she wasn't gonna let anything jeopardize that."
— Piper and Prue on the consequences of the car accident[src]
Prue (22)

Prue on a bridge after the car accident.

Following her graduation, Prue expressed a desire for a career in photojournalism, something that Penny would not allow her to, as it would require her to leave the family, which Penny would not risk due to their shared destiny as the Charmed Ones.

At the age of around twenty-two, Prue had a car accident, driving through a red light and getting hit by another car. While Prue and Piper were unhurt, Phoebe was hospitalized. Because of this, Penny gave Prue additional responsibilities over her sisters and put her education on hold.

Emotionally devastated for causing harm to Phoebe, Prue wandered San Francisco looking for a good scene to photograph. She found a bridge which she photographed to remind her of the pain that she was feeling at that moment. However, though she kept the film, she did not develop it for fear of reliving the pain again, something that she was afraid to do.


Phoebe: "Wait, I didn't know you dated the captain of the college football team. How suburban."
Prue: "Yeah, he was a great guy."
— Prue and Phoebe on Tom Peters[src]

After graduating high school, Prue attended Gold State University,[2] where she studied[2] and obtained a degree[24] in History. It is also possible that she learnt Latin there, a language which she was easily able to translate. While at university, Prue dated Tom Peters, the captain of the football team. She had a good relationship with his mother, and described Tom as being a "great guy". She also had a relationship with Alan.[25]

A hardworking student, Prue graduated from Gold State University with honors.[2] At some point, she travelled to London, England, where she had a relationship with Eric.[25]

Caring for PennyEdit

Penny and Prue (1998-1)

Prue checking on Penny's wellbeing.

Prue: "Oh, my God, I would love for both of my sisters to be my best friend but clearly that is not the case. And maybe one day things will change but..."
Piper: "Prue, it's gonna take more than time. I mean, I'm happy for you, I- I am and I know you have all these big plans but what about the rest of us? I mean, you move in with Roger and then I'm stuck here alone taking care of Grams, and Phoebe's out of control. What if- what if there's an emergency? What if something happens?"
Prue: "Okay, I won't be far away, it's not like you guys won't be able to get ahold of me."
Piper: "I just think we should talk this through so we know what the consequences are. Okay, look, maybe a part of me is jealous because, I mean, you've got this great guy and you're gonna have this beautiful wedding and I'm just not very good with guys."
— Prue talking with Piper[src]

Prue and Piper moved out of their childhood home in the 1990s, leaving Penny with Phoebe. Prue and Piper moved into an apartment in North Beach.[26]

Despite not being well-qualified, Prue got a job as a curator at the American Museum of History in order to provide for the family, giving up on her dream of a career in photography due to the minimal pay. At the museum, she began a romantic relationship with her superior, Roger. By early 1998, Roger and Prue were engaged.

Prue and Piper over Penny's body

Prue and Piper over Penny after her fall.

On February 13, 1998, Penny was hospitalized due to heart troubles. In order to take care of her, Prue and Piper moved out of their apartment, giving it to some of their friends, in order to move in back home. Prue asked Piper to be her maid-of-honour due to the tension between her and Phoebe, who she thought was making a move on Roger.

By March, Prue was planning to move back out of the manor in order to move in with Roger. Due to the tension between the sisters, as well as Prue wanting to move out again, on March 5, Penny decided that it would be best to strip the sisters of their powers. However, she had a heart attack and fell down the stairs, dying and resulting in her binding spell being broken.

Shortly after Penny's death, Phoebe moved out to look for their father in New York, and Prue called off her engagement after Roger claimed that Phoebe acted suggestively towards him while Phoebe denied it.

Life with PiperEdit

Prue and Piper walking

Prue discussing her wedding with Piper.

"Look, the only reason Piper and I gave up our apartment and moved back here is because this house has been in our family for generations."
—Prue to Phoebe[src]

With Phoebe in New York and Penny dead, Prue and Piper gave up their North Beach apartment to live in their family home, which Penny left to the three of them in her will. They kept the house solely because of sentimental reasons, given that the house had belonged to the family since the early 20th century.

Prue continued working at the museum, keeping her in contact with Roger, who tried to intimidate her by calling her "Miss Halliwell" and claiming that he had her best interests at heart.

"Just like you didn't think Jeremy was good enough for me. Of course in his case you were right, but that's not the point."

Prue also expressed a certain amount of disapproval for Piper's fiancé, Jeremy Burns, who approached her after Penny was hospitalized in July, telling Piper that she did not think that Jeremy was "good enough" for her. However, by September, she seemed to have accepted their engagement, remarking that she had a "nice boyfriend" after he sent her a bottle of port for her job interview.

Regaining her powersEdit

Prue and the BOS

Prue investigating the Book of Shadows.

Phoebe: "So, you'd rather have a tense reunion filled with boring chitchat and unimportant small talk?"
Prue: "No, but otherwise we won't have anything to talk about."
Phoebe: "I never touched Roger."
Prue: "Whoa."
Phoebe: "I know you think otherwise because that's what that Armani-wearing, chardonnay-slugging trust-funder told you..."
— Prue arguing with Phoebe[src]

On 23 September, 1998, Phoebe returned to San Francisco, which Prue was none too pleased with after learning that Piper had known that she was moving back in for several weeks. She was disbelieving of Phoebe when she claimed that the planchette for the spirit board had spelt out "attic", and was angry when she read the To Invoke the Power of Three spell from the Book of Shadows hidden in the previously locked attic.

Phoebe: "Are you okay?"
Prue: "No, I'm not okay. You turned me into a witch."
Phoebe: "You were born one. We all were. And I think we better start to deal with it."
— Prue accepting that she was a witch[src]
Prue moves the cream

Prue using her power.

Prue used her power of telekinesis several times the following day, though each time accidentally and without her noticing. Firstly, she caused Roger's pen to explode, and then caused his tie to tighten around his neck after resigning. When Phoebe told her that she had the power to move things with her mind, she told her that she was "crazy", before accidentally moving a cream jug towards her and materializing the cream inside her coffee. After this, she was forced to believe Phoebe, who realized that her power was triggered by her being upset.

Prue also resigned from the museum after Roger took credit for her work. She curated a total of seven exhibitions prior to her resignation. The fact that she curated the contents of Franklin Carlton's estate was noted to be impressive on her résumé.[27]

First year as a witchEdit

Aside from having to deal with becoming a witch, Prue was also reunited with Andy Trudeau, who moved back to San Francisco from Portland. With Roger out of her life following her resignation, she began a new relationship with Andy, though they decided to start completely afresh after having sex on their first date.

Prue using the Hand of Fatima

Prue using the Hand of Fatima to kill Javna.

Though Prue and Phoebe tried to put aside their differences as witches, Prue was unhappy after Phoebe used her powers to try to win the lottery, as Prue and Piper agreed that they were not going to use their powers. However, Prue and Piper later saved Phoebe from Javna, and she learnt to listen to Prue after her winning lottery numbers were magically erased.

Shortly after regaining her powers, Prue was offered a job as a specialist at Buckland Auction House by "Rex Buckland". After using her power in front of him and thinking that she had not noticed it, "Rex" and his assistant, "Hannah Webster" came to the conclusion that she was a witch and might be one of the Charmed Ones.

Prue: "Think about it, Piper. He wines and dines us and now he's back in the house he hasn't set foot in for twenty years and the first thing he wants to know is "where's the Book of Shadows"?"
Phoebe: "You're just looking for something to blame him for."
Prue: "Admit it. Tell them why you're here."
— Prue accusing Victor of being after the book[src]
Victor hands Prue a photo

Victor handing Prue a photograph of her and Patty.

In October, Victor approached Prue at Buckland Auction House. After she realized who he was, she ordered him to leave and forbade her sisters from seeing him.

She interrupted his dinner with Piper and Phoebe by talking about how he had abandoned them and not supported them after Patty's death. Victor then revealed that he knew about their powers after tripping over a waiter to see if Piper would immobilize him, which she did. Returning home, Prue accused him of wanting to steal the Book of Shadows after he asked where it was, which he admitted to, saying that he wanted to take away their powers. Angry, Prue attacked him with her power, and he left.

After Phoebe had a premonition of Marshall, Fritz and Cynda being the real ones after the book, Prue saved Victor's life by moving his ring to him while they chanted the spell to kill everyone in the house in order to kill the shapeshifters. After this, Victor accepted that they could handle being witches, and Prue made up with him. However, before they could all go out together, he was called away on business.

Andy and Prue at Castagnola's

Prue on a date with Andy at Castagnola's.

In the following two months, Prue helped Mark Chao move on and stop Hecate's wedding by banishing her. For her birthday, she and Andy went to the Calistoga Spa. Deciding to take her relationship with Andy seriously, she rejected Whitaker Berman's advances, which resulted in him using dream leaping to try and kill her. However, Prue used her power to kill him.

Prue: "Look, if I come inside and we'll have drinks, there'll be small talk and precious minutes will pass. I need to know now. Can you or can you not accept that I am a witch?"
Andy: "If I have to answer right now... I don't think so, Prue. I mean, there's nothing wrong with it I guess. It's just not a future I envision having."
— Prue's Truth Spell taking effect[src]

Unsure of whether to continue her relationship with Andy, she used the Truth Spell to see if he would accept her being a witch. While the spell proved helpful in stopping the time-travelling three-eyed warlock Gavin, the spell revealed that Andy was uncertain about if he could accept her for who she was. Because of this, Prue ended the relationship.

Rex manipulated Prue

Prue being manipulated by Rex through astral projection.

In January or February, 1999, "Rex" and "Hannah" framed Prue, using astral projection to make her steal a priceless Romanov tiara and manipulating her into attacking Jaime before "Hannah" killed him. Their plan was to blackmail the sisters into giving them their powers, which they agreed to do before Leo Wyatt, who was posing as a handyman, used his Healing Touch to restore their powers, allowing Prue to make "Hannah" kill "Rex", before the Triad vanquished her.

On March 13, Barbas was freed from his prison, and tried to kill Prue as one of his thirteen victims required to set him free. Prue overcame her fear of drowning thanks to Patty's ghost, sending Barbas back to his prison. She also overcame her fear of telling people that she loved them, which she had been afraid to do after her mother's death.

Prue met her mother again after the three sisters went back in time to 1975. She also helped half-warlock Brendan Rowe from his half-brothers, Greg and Paul. Though she was romantically attracted to him, he joined the priesthood to escape his warlock heritage.

Andy's death and aftermathEdit

Andy and Prue on the ghostly plane

Prue and Andy on the ghostly plane.

Andy: "It's okay, Prue. Really, trust me. This is my destiny. I know that now. Yours is to continue on. Everything happens for a reason, remember, you taught me that."
Prue: "This isn't fair."
Andy: "You need to go back. You need to keep the time loop from being reset again or you and your sisters will be killed. And I will have died in vain."
— Prue and Andy on the ghostly plane[src]

On 9 September, 1999, "Rodriguez", with the help of Tempus and his time loops, tried to kill the sisters. Each time he tried, he failed in killing Prue.

On his third attempt, Andy was killed while the sisters survived. Unconscious, Prue met with him on the ghostly plane, where he told her that it was his time to die. Following Andy's instruction, Prue read the To Accelerate Time spell, defeating Tempus but stopping her from being able to save Andy.

"Andy died because of me. It doesn't matter what he said, it was my fault. How could it be good to be witches if all it does is get the people we love killed?"
—Prue blaming herself for Andy's death[src]

Andy's death hurt Prue, later making her willing for Abraxas to steal her powers and making her feel largely responsible for his death. Her pain paralyzed her telekinetic abilities when threatened by Abraxas, but, after admitting her feelings to Piper and Phoebe, they managed to use the Power of Three to reclaim the Book of Shadows, which he had stolen, and vanquish Abraxas.

Second year as a witchEdit

Prue kills Sam

Prue watching Sam die after electrocuting him in order to vanquish the Water Demon.

Prue: "I have no one to say goodbye to. No life. They didn't even know who you were at the office, my own sister. If we die tonight, my tombstone will read, "Here lies Prue, she worked hard"."
Piper: "We're not gonna die. We're gonna find a way back to the present and we'll create a new future."
— Prue and Piper in an alternate future[src]

Shortly after their first anniversary of becoming witches, Prue, Piper and Phoebe used To Move Ahead in Time to travel to 2009. There, Prue found that she was the unmarried owner of Buckland Auction House. Realizing that she needed to spend more time outside of work, she decided to stop that future from happening by having more of a social life.

At Buckland's, Prue met colleague Jack Sheridan. Though she initially disliked him, they began a relationship. During a meeting at the auction house, Prue astral projected for the first time, which proved useful in convincing Maggie Murphy not to jump from her apartment building.

Prue quit her job at Buckland's after a dispute with Jack and Cauldwell over a painting falsely attributed to Monet, returning to her passion for photography. Prue was hired as a professional photographer at 415 Magazine based on her portfolio and a photograph of Maggie Murphy for an article.

After conquering her fear of drowning and professing her love to someone, Prue was reminded of the loss of her mother after the Water Demon began killing more individuals at Camp Skylark. Thanks to Prue convincing Sam to help, the demon was killed, as was Sam before the Council of Elders made him a whitelighter for a second time.

The Council's plotEdit

Dick (possessed by the genie): "The question is what are you looking for? I mean come on, how did we make it to date three and you really know I'm not the guy?"
Prue: "I don't know, you know, I mean, at this point I feel like dating's kind of a job, you know? I mean, you get none but you feel like it's your duty to stay out there. I just want to feel excited by love again. I wish it was like it the first time."
— Prue inadvertently making a wish[src]
Prue's body (17)

Prue's seventeen year old corpse.

As part of the Council's plan to kill Prue and her sisters, they sent a bottle containing a genie to them. After Prue found it in a box sent to them, Phoebe rubbed it and released the genie, who proceeded to grant the sisters' wishes in order to bring about their undoing.

To trick Prue, the genie possessed her date, Dick. Prue expressed her wish for her romantic life to be how it was when she was a teenager, as if their relationship was like the first time she had fallen in love. Twisting her words, the genie made Prue seventeen years old again, leaving her without her magic and without any knowledge of it.

After being confined to her bedroom, Prue climbed out of the window and picked up the apparently hitch-hiking dragon warlock. The two stopped at Golden Gate Park to engage in sexual relations, which resulted in the dragon attacking her much like her ex-boyfriend had in high school.

Prue watches the dragon combust

Prue chanting the Warlock Spell as the dragon explodes.

Once Piper and Phoebe arrived to help her, the dragon stabbed Prue, killing her. Piper and Phoebe took her body to the house for Leo to heal, but he was unable to. Believing that undoing the genie's wishes would bring her back, the genie willingly returned to his bottle, which only resulted in her body being restored to its actual age. Fortunately, Phoebe released the genie again and wished her alive again, resurrecting her and restoring the Power of Three, allowing them to vanquish the dragon warlock.

Thanks to the genie's information, Prue learnt that it was the Triad who were behind the repeated attempts on their lives.

Third year as a witchEdit

Threat of the TriadEdit

Phoebe: "So, while she [Piper] is up romping around the clouds with Leo, we've got our Wiccan butts flapping around in the wind here. I mean, we are very lucky, Prue, that we have not been attacked yet."
Prue: "No. It has absolutely nothing to do with luck. The Triad is up to something. We just don't know what it is yet."
— Prue and Phoebe on the Triad[src]
Prue studying the book

Prue studying the Book of Shadows.

While Piper was in the Upper Regions with Leo for a month, Prue took to studying the Book of Shadows to compensate for Piper's absence and the growing threat of the Triad. During Piper's absence, Prue and Phoebe killed a guardian protecting Emilio Smith, which resulted in them having to give evidence for the case against him, which they could not truthfully do without exposing magic.

After the trial, which resulted in all charges against Smith being dropped, Piper and Leo returned. Piper immediately left for P3 while Prue sent Leo to the Elders to research demonic guardians. Prue explained to Piper how long she had been away and informed her of the issue with the guardians. They later saved Cole Turner from Smith and, with information from Leo, vanquished the guardians that had taken control of the courtroom.[28]

Prue later wrote a spell in order to make her and her sisters see fairies so that they might save Kate from the trolls. To do this, she combined To Invoke the Power of Three, To See What Can't Be Seen and To Cultivate Innocence. The spell gave Prue and Phoebe the mental age of a child, but ultimately helped them in rescuing Kate.[29]

Prue and Sally

Prue with Sally on October 31, 1670.

On October 31, Prue, Piper and Phoebe were transported back in time to 1670 by the Elders in order to save Charlotte and Melinda Warren from Ruth Cobb. There, Prue had an instant attraction to Micah, whose apparent descendant, Mitch, became her short-time boyfriend after returning to the present.[30]

Prue: "Well, I traced his [Micah's] ancestors and found an entire history of the village that we visited. I figured it might give us a clue to the identity of the demon that the Triad sent to kill us."
Piper: "Prue, honey, aren't you forgetting something?"
Prue: "No, my photo shoot's not until tomorrow."
Piper: "No, I mean something else. Like, uh, your date."
— Prue and Piper[src]

Upon returning to the present, Prue was determined to identify the demon that the Triad had sent to assist Cobb. She did this by tracing Micah's genealogy and uncovering the history of the village. After Abbey stalked and tried to kill Prue, she realized that she had to live her non-magical life as well, while still being watchful for the Triad.[31]

Prue: "How do you know we didn't catch a demon? I mean, think about it, Phoebe. He is always around when something is going on. I mean, look at tonight."
Phoebe: "You're right, he's a plant. Trying to get close to me so he can kill us. Now is everyone a demon, Prue? You are crazy right now."
— Prue arguing with Phoebe[src]

While Prue was distrustful of Cole Turner, who began a romantic relationship with Phoebe, she did not initially suspect him of being the Triad's agent. In an attempt at capturing the agent, she set up a trap using siderite crystals with the Book of Shadows as bait. After finding Cole in the trap, she correctly began to suspect that he might be the demon sent by the Triad.[31] Cole tricked Prue into taking in Vinceres's empathy, which almost destroyed her before she managed to embrace the emotions she was channeling and use them to vanquish him.[32]

Prue making Belthazor Vanquish Potion

Prue making the Belthazor Vanquish Potion.

Upon learning that the agent was Belthazor, Prue began to try and use her telekinesis while astral projecting and insisted on practising fighting him, with Leo glamouring into him. She correctly deduced that his flesh might be useful in creating a vanquishing potion, and that it was him behind the fight that severed the Power of Three.[33]

Prue: "I'm using the one [spell] that we called Melinda from the past with, just re-wrote it a little bit."
Phoebe: "Really? Think it'll work?"
Prue: "Well, yeah, I mean, it should. It's magic calling magic. Although in this case dark magic."
— Prue on her Magic-to-Magic Spell[src]

With a slice of Belthazor's flesh, Prue, with Piper's assistance, made the Belthazor Vanquish Potion. She also altered the To Call Blood to Blood spell, which she and her sister had used in 1998 to summon Melinda Warren, to create the Magic-to-Magic Spell. After casting the spell, Krell intercepted it, and Prue and the sisters agreed to work together to kill Belthazor, who was on the run after killing the Triad. Prue was the first to realize that Cole and Bethazor were one in the same, and comforted Phoebe after she claimed to have vanquished him.[34]


Prue and Zile

Prue and Zile.

Following the end of the threat of the Triad and their agent, Prue began focussing on her life in the non-magical world more.

She began a romantic relationship with Justin Harper after meeting him again at Piper's high school reunion, but found that, despite the fact that he believed in the supernatural, he was predictable. After being married to Zile by Priestess Dantalian against her will, Prue briefly became a warlock, but, upon Zile's death, returned to normal, and realized that she could not see a future with Justin.[35]

In August, Victor returned to San Francisco. Prue still had not forgiven him for leaving them a second time, but, after he helped the sisters trap several demon children in the Ice Cream Truck, she forgave him.[36]

"Look, I definitely do not like the fact that you lied to us about vanquishing him, but I have to admit, after taking a trip down the dark side, I sort of understand it a little better."
—Prue on Phoebe's lie[src]
Prue and her astral self (JH)

Prue in astral mode before joining with her body.

Prue later gave Phoebe a potion she had made to see if Inspector Reece Davidson, who was investigating Cole's disappearance, was a demon.[37] After Phoebe confessed that she had not actually killed Cole, Prue was angry with her and could not understand how she could lie to her and Piper,[38] though she felt that she understood it a little better after briefly becoming evil.[35]

Although she was not happy about it, Prue went with Cole into a time loop to save Bo Lightfeather, who was psychically connected to Phoebe.[39] Her mixed feelings about Phoebe saving Cole literally tore Prue into two after she subconsciously used her astral projection to be free from responsibility, though at the cost of ruining Leo and Piper's handfasting.[40]

Prue and the Angel of Death

Prue talking to the Angel of Death.

"Focusing all your anger against me leaves you vulnerable to the real evils of this world. You do well to remember that in the future."
—The Angel of Death talking to Prue[src]

Seeing Patty at Piper's handfasting caused Prue to be even more angry at the Angel of Death, which affected her after she summoned him to help with Andrea. She later managed to forgive Death and see him for what he was, heeding his advice not to be angry at him.[41]

Prue was later infected with the sin of pride and became a dog after casting a spell to track a banshee.[42]


Prue: "If others knew, we wouldn't be able to do what we do anymore. We wouldn't be able to help future innocents like we helped you."
Griffiths: "No, I understand. I mean, I don't understand everything. Demons, witches, the Source. So much for being an atheist. Your secret is safe with me."
— Prue talking to Griffiths[src]
Prue and Piper vanquish Shax

Prue and Piper vanquishing Shax.

In October, 2001, Prue, Piper and Phoebe saved Bo Griffiths from Shax thanks to one of Phoebe's premonitions. When Shax arrived at the house, Prue saved Griffiths from an energy blast and was thrown through a wall, as was Piper. After Phoebe cast the spell to vanquish Shax, which only fended him off, allowing her to call Leo to heal them. Chasing after Shax, Prue and Piper fought him using their powers, but, unbeknownst to them, Elana Dominguez and her news team were nearby and the fight was broadcast live.

At the house, Prue asked Griffiths not to tell anybody about magic, which he agreed to do. Later, Darryl Morris called Prue and told her to watch the news, which she did, and realized that they had exposed magic and that Elana Dominguez was outside the house.

Once realizing that Piper's combustion power was not enough to vanquish Shax, Prue and Piper drove to Griffiths' hospital, where they were attacked by Shax. Using the spell, Prue and Piper vanquished him, though in front of a large crowd of mortals and filmed by KCSF. Griffiths, breaking his promise, told the reporters about the sisters, including their Book of Shadows.

Leo healing Prue

Leo using his Healing Touch on Prue.

"Alright, I'm scared. And you should be too. Okay, our lives, Piper, everything that we've worked for could be completely destroyed with-with one stupid mistake. Our entire future , our entire destiny could be wiped out just like that."
—Prue to Piper[src]

After Prue telekinetically threw Alice Hicks from the house, Alice shot Piper. Prue carried her to Piper's car and used her power to throw people away from the driveway and scare them so that she could drive to the hospital, where Griffiths tried to revive her after her heart stopped. Eventually, he gave up, and Prue cried over her body.

Later, SWAT arrived at the hospital. Prue expelled them from the room and locked herself in with Piper. Unbeknownst to her, a SWAT officer was prepared to shoot her in the head, which, thankfully, Tempus saved her from by resetting time back to Shax's first attack on the manor.

With Phoebe stuck in the Underworld, no one was there to call Leo for help after Prue and Piper were thrown through the wall and Griffiths was killed. Eventually, Leo arrived after saving Phoebe from the Source's demons and healed Piper before trying to heal Prue. However, she was already dead.[43]


"With the prophecy unfulfilled, I couldn't move on. Not entirely. Oh, sure, the Angels of Destiny allowed me to join my family in the Beyond. I reunited with Andy. But part of me was still trapped between life and death. It was tearing my soul apart. I lashed out at everyone for no reason. Andy suffered the most. But he wouldn't let me go."
—Prue on her afterlife[src]
Andy in the Beyond

Andy greeting Prue into the Beyond.

Unfortunately, Prue's death was premature, as her destiny had not yet been fulfilled. The Angels of Destiny still permitted her to reunite with her family, as well as Andy, in the Beyond, but her connection to her sisters and their shared destiny caused her emotional pain and distress. She lashed out at others, particularly Andy, for no apparent reason, though he still stood by her.

In the Beyond, Prue became aware of Paige's existence, and, after Piper attempted to use the To Call a Lost Witch spell to summon Prue, she instead helped them find their half-sister. Her reasoning was that the Power of Three might transfer to her, and relieve Prue of her pain. However, she soon realized that she was wrong. It was her connection to the Warren family that tied her to her sisters, holding their powers back from achieving their full potential.[44] Deciding to be alone so that she could not lash out at Andy or her family any longer, she went to the astral plane, where she watched her sisters.

"I could still feel our bond tearing at me. Even worse, I was holding them back. How else do you think that little blonde and her sister were such a threat to the Charmed Ones? Ultimate Power my ass."
—Prue on Billie and Christy Jenkins[src]

Prue watched her sisters battle with Billie and Christy Jenkins, and was aware that it was only because of her holding them back that the Jenkins sisters were a threat to them.[45]

Return to EarthEdit

New lifeEdit

Charon's victim (2)

A witch whose soul was taken by Charon.

Prue: "I thought if I returned to the Earthly plane and used my magic to help the innocent as it was intended that might make a difference. I found a witch that Charon the soul collector had gone after. She was in a coma. Brain dead. No chance of recovery. I sort of... took over."
Cole: "How enterprising."
Prue: "I finally felt whole again. The bond with my sisters was back immediately. In this new body every time I use magic I feel it. But that's not all. It didn't take long for me to realize I was growing stronger. And I could feel Piper, Phoebe, and Paige get stronger too."
— Prue talking to Cole[src]

After Billie changed her allegiance and Christy was killed, Prue planned to return to the Earthly plane and use her powers to protect the innocent, believing that it might stop her suffering. She decided not to rejoin with her sisters in case it somehow made them all weaker due to her and Paige both having telekinetic powers.[46]

Prue's enhanced power

Prue using her enhanced powers.

Prue came across a witch whose soul had been taken by Charon as a trophy, just as she had planned to do with the Charmed Ones in 1999. Given that there was no hope of recovery for the witch, Prue took over the body, and instantly felt the bond with her sisters return, which she felt whenever she used magic. Not long after, she realized that she was growing stronger, and felt the same happen to her sisters' powers. She was no longer holding them back.

To help other witches, Prue became a tour guide at Salem Witch House in Salem, Massachussetts, helping inexperienced witches come into their powers and accept their new identities. She assured them that they were not alone by displaying her own power of telekinesis, which had advanced to the point that she could levitate chalk, cars and materialize liquids.[45]

Reuniting with her sistersEdit

Prue sees Cole

Prue opening the door to find Cole there.

Cole: "But why are you hiding? If you're more powerful, why not unite with your sisters? The four of you could be a force to be reckoned with."
Prue: "You really don't understand how prophecies work, do you? Melinda Warren didn't foresee a Power of Four. Paige and I share one of Melinda's three powers. Piper and Phoebe have the other two. That's the only way the Power of Three could continue on without me. If we ever got together, I doubt it would make us stronger. It would probably weaken the power of the Charmed Ones even more. For all I know, the reaction could be cataclysmic. We're not supposed to be four sisters together. That's not what was foreseen. I've got to keep my distance. From all the Warrens. It's the only way to keep the family safe."
— Prue talking to Cole[src]

In 2007, Prue was getting ready to go on a date while talking to Sarah, a witch whom she had helped, over the phone. After the door was knocked, Prue opened it to find Cole Turner stood there. She closed the door and told herself not to overreact, but Cole simply materialized inside the room. Prue pretended not to know what Cole was talking about, but gave up after Cole told her that she knew who she was and that he knew that she knew. Initially believing that Phoebe had sent him, he told her that Patty and Penny had. She proceeded to tell him what had happened to her after her death, and explained why she could not rejoin her sisters, before asking him to keep her a secret, as he was the only one who knew her whereabouts. However, he then told her that Alexi also knew.[45]

Prue holds Paige

Prue holding Paige.

Later, Paige arrived at Salem Witch House looking for Sarah, who she wanted to recruit for Magic School after Bailey (under Rennek's control thanks to the Jewel of Orthon) suggested it. Though Cole tried to keep her out, she orbed in. Prue begged her to leave, fearing the consequences she may have on the Power of Three. Annoyed, Paige put her hand on Prue's arm, which caused an explosion which separated them and, unbeknownst to them, began sending their powers out of control. Paige accused Prue of attacking her, which she denied, stating that they had done that to each other. She then tried to tell her who she was, but Paige dismissed her claims because of her physical appearance, and, as Prue went to touch her, Paige used her orbing power on her. Prue proceeded to hold her in place using her telekinesis, and told her to calm down before explaining who she was and telling her that they needed to go to Piper and Phoebe. Paige told her that they would "freak out" if they saw her, but Prue assured her that she knew how they would react.[47]

Prue hugs Phoebe

Prue hugging Phoebe.

Prue: "Prudence [Johnna]? You named your daughter after me? But you always hated me."
Phoebe: "I never hated you. We had our problems, but I never hated you. Back when I had a premonition that I was going to have a girl, I told Piper that I planned to continue the family tradition."
Piper: "I told her if she wanted a name that began with a P she should start with yours. It felt right."
— Prue reunited with Piper and Phoebe[src]

Paige orbed the two of them to the house, where Prue touched the Book of Shadows for the first time in over six years. Paige noted that the book seemed to like her before going to get Piper and Phoebe, who were already heading up to the attic to look in the book to find a solution for Piper's out-of-control immobilizing power. Before Paige could even finish telling them who Prue claimed to be, Piper was overcome with emotions and said that she recognized her soul. Prue embraced Piper and then Phoebe, who told her that she had named her daughter after her. She then told them that she believed that their powers were going out of control because of her and Paige meeting, though she was unsure exactly why and looked in the Book of Shadows. Piper then realized that Paige had orbed out. When Paige returned, after relaying her issues to her immobilized husband, she and Prue embraced before all four of them hugged, with Prue remarking that she did not think that they had the time for it.

Prue: "You're seriously telling me this isn't a little enjoyable?"
Piper: "Not as much since you've been gone."
— Prue and Piper on vanquishing[src]
Prue and Piper with potions

Prue and Piper with vanquishing potions.

After Bailey told the sisters that Wyatt, Chris, Melinda, Kat, Tamora and P.J.'s powers were also out of control and that Leo had disappeared, Piper tried scrying for him, which failed. Prue concluded that they would have to find him without using the Power of Three. She decided that she and Piper should use Paige's potions to vanquish the nearby demons on the streets, as every person in the city was immobilized and open to demon attack, while Phoebe looked in the book to find a way to contain their powers. Eventually, Prue and Piper ran out of potions and returned to the house for new ideas. Paige offered to strip her powers, which would get the Power of Three back under control and allow her to live a normal life with her husband. Prue and Cole stepped aside for a private conversation, and Cole suggested that it was not the Power of Three that would not let go of Prue, but her that could not let go of the Power of Three. She interrupted the debate between Piper, Phoebe and Paige and told them that she was going to strip her powers, and that it was their time as the Charmed Ones and time for her to move on.

Prue stripped her powers, getting the Power of Three back under control and allowing them to locate Leo. Upon returning to the house, Prue and Piper fixed the front door, while Cole told Phoebe that he and Prue were going to go back to Salem to train new witches, something that Prue was happy for him to do so that he could make amends. Still able to cast spells, she said goodbye to her sisters, and left with Cole.[48]

As the Charmed OneEdit

Prue protects Anoraq

Prue protecting Anoraq.

Prue: "Don't you die on me, Anoraq. Not before you tell me what I need to know. So talk."
Anoraq: "If I do that, what reason will you have to keep protecting me?"
— Prue and Anoraq[src]

At Salem Witch House, Prue and Cole were busy helping new witches. After a while, Prue realized that she had her power of telekinesis back, as well as her sisters' individual powers, making her "the Charmed One". Trying to find a solution to the problem, and believing that it was her fault, she held back from visiting her sisters to try and find out how to fix it. Cole also disappeared around the same time.

Believing that he might have useful information on Rennek (Leo's kidnapper) and his plan, Prue protected Anoraq from a gang who, like all other mortals, had gained powers. After saving him, Anoraq told her all that she knew about the darklighter's plan, including the fact that he had obtained the Grimoire before implementing it.

Prue orbed to the manor, much to the surprise of her sisters, of which only Paige knew who she was due to Piper and Phoebe normally magically recognized her soul. Darryl Morris was present, and asked Prue how Andy was. She apologized to Piper over her absence and explained what she had been doing and that she blamed herself. She also learnt that her sisters' powers had started coming back while her own powers got weaker.[49]

Losing the Power of ThreeEdit

"The Power of Three will set you free!"
—Prue charging into battle[src]
Prue using the Power of Three

Prue using the Power of Three.

After Rennek sent a magic gang to attack the Halliwells, Prue levitated onto the roof to try and stop them. Both her and Phoebe had a premonition of her dying, prompting Prue to realize that using up all of her magic might give them back to Piper, Phoebe and Paige. She proceeded to unleash all of her powers and died, restoring her sisters' powers.

"Since magic shifted on earth, the entrances to the Upper Regions and the Underworld have been closed to everyone, whether magical or not magical. The dead cannot move on. The ghosts can't exist on Earth."
—Cole to Prue[src]

Prue's appeared in a dimension where all earthbound spirits and those who had died since the magic switch existed. There, she met Cole, who told her that the dead could not move on into the Beyond or Hell due to the switch. Cole confirmed that her efforts had reverted her powers back to her sisters, which she was thankful for, but also wondered if it was her destiny to keep sacrificing herself. Cole comforted her, and told her that she might be able to tear a hole back to Earth, saying that he had some information that the sisters would take better coming from Prue rather than him.

Prue woke up at the house with Paige healing her, and told them why she had sacrificed herself. Despite having no powers again, she told her sisters that Cole had told her that the seer Alexi may be able to help them.[49]

Battling Rennek and aftermathEdit

Prue using crossbow

Prue practising with a crossbow.

"It's not about my strength, Prue. It's not the magic or spells. It's about who we are no matter what powers we have. You're good at what you do because you're good. That's what matters."
—Piper reassuring Prue[src]

In anticipation for the imminent battle against Rennek, Prue borrowed a magical crossbow that always hit its target from Glynnis and practised using it, though she doubted that she could be much use in battle. Piper reassured her and motivated her, before Phoebe, Paige and Leo return from Alexi's lair and inform them that magic had been thrown off by several events, including Prue's return, Neena dividing the Source's power and Rennek stealing the Grimoire and the Empyreal Sword.

Prue, Piper, Phoebe, Leo and Darryl managed to locate the desert location of the Nexus of the All, which Rennek was using. As everyone prepared to attack Rennek's forces, Prue felt guilty about her role in the darklighter's plot and was comforted by Leo and Paige who orbed them back to the nexus for the attack.[50]

Prue, Coop, Cole, Henry and Darryl

Prue with Coop, Cole, Henry and Darryl.

Armed with Glynnis's magical weapons, Prue, Leo, Coop, Henry, Montgomery Knox, Elise Rothman and Tyler Michaels fought against the demons emerging from the nexus. Prue and Leo managed to get inside thanks to a magical cannon used by Glynnis, and Prue removed the Empyreal Sword from the Grimoire before casting a spell that granted her ownership of both artefacts, allowing her to vanquish Rennek. Her body became covered in various runes and symbols, and she cast a second spell to reconnect the Upper Regions and the Underworld to the Earth and diminish (but not erase) the memories of the empowered mortals so as not to remember the magic-switch.

In possession of a large amount of magical power, Prue altered the nexus to look like Halliwell Manor. She said goodbye to Darryl and discussed her new powers with Leo. Soon after, Cole arrived, informing him that he was now messenger for the Elders. He told Prue that the Elders were impressed by what she had done, but that she was now the conduit holding the realms together and could not leave the nexus. He offers to become the go-between for Prue and her sisters, and Prue is thankful to have his company. After bidding farewell to Piper, Phoebe and Paige, Prue closed the door of her new home using telekinesis.[51]

As the nexusEdit

Prue phones Leo

Prue calling Leo.

"I'm starting to wonder if I should just stop calling."
—Prue to Leo[src]

Believing that she was unable to leave the nexus, Prue kept in contact with her sisters through the phone. The sisters asked her for help finding Gaxageal, which she attempted to do by accessing the astral plane, but she could hear only whispers of him.[52] She felt as though her sisters were avoiding her and discussed the issue with Leo, who insisted that they were just busy. Despite this, she no longer felt like herself and disliked being so immersed in magic, which prompted Cole to reveal to her that he still had his father's soul and hoped to revive him, for which Prue berated him. However, they were interrupted by an alarm alerting them to an attack on Halliwell Manor, which Cole saw to.[53]

Prue's tattoos spelt out a warning; "One will die and one will rise".[54] She attempted to communicate with the tattoos to discern its meaning, but, while doing so, her sisters and Coop arrived and informed her of Cole's death. She wondered if she could do something to revive him, but Piper told her that his soul had been destroyed. Prue hugged Coop before they left and slipped Benjamin Turner's soul into his pocket. He later called her and they agreed that they owed Cole their lives.[55]

Prue and Kyra

Prue and Kyra.

Leo later arrived at the nexus and asked Prue for her help with regards to Aldar Kose, but she refused to, feeling abandoned.[56] Leo spoke to Piper, who visited Prue to discuss the situation. Prue expressed her belief that Piper, Phoebe and Paige had been avoiding her thinking that she had been in a romantic relationship with Cole, which Piper denied, and that she mourned her old life. Piper was overwhelmed and left. Prue later called Phoebe, who also denied that they believed that she had been romantically involved with Cole but passed out before being able to say any more.[57] She learnt that her sisters were pained when around her.[58]

Prue summoned Kyra from the past in order to get information on what she had become, promising to make her human if she could do so.[59] Kyra found that Prue was, in fact, the nexus, and so was able to join her sisters. She made Kyra human as promised and sent her through a portal to wherever she wanted, before going to the manor where she told her sisters what she had learnt. She asked Benjamin - who had been released from the soul container and was possessing Coop - if he wanted to live or move on, and, as he wished to live, she teleported to a cemetery and gave him Cole's body.[58]

Believing that the pain that her sisters felt while around her was because of her absorbing the Grimoire, she entered her own mind using Benjamin as a tether to reality. In her mind, she met Patience, who accused her of stealing her body and of being evil, causing Prue to fight her. In her mind, she attempted to grab the Grimoire but was zapped by it. She woke up after being thrown through a wall by Shax, who had escaped the Wasteland, and cast the spell to vanquish him with her sisters. Returning to the manor, she was told that Kyra had given her sisters a potion to protect them from Prue's magic, which was reaching out for the Power of Three.[60]

Learning that Barbas had also gotten free of the Wasteland, Prue decided to cast a spell to reveal the faces of all demons who had escaped that month, using Kyra and Benjamin to form a triangle.[61]

Physical descriptionEdit

Prue (S1p1)

Prue Halliwell.

Prue had brown hair, green eyes and white skin. She had a distinctive birthmark near her left eye, which Prue noticed when she was five years old and met her future self. As a child, her hair was about shoulder-length, which she wore long as a teenager. In her twenties, she started wore her hair in a short bob, before letting it grow to almost elbow length by the time of her death.

Personality and traitsEdit

Prue's id: "Alright, you know what? I am sick of this. She [her ego] is all about duty and obligation, well not me. Alright, I want to be free, I wanna find love, I wanna have a life."
Phoebe: "Well, Prue, you have responsibilities whether you like it or not."
Prue's id: "Don't talk to me about being responsible, Phoebe. Alright, you were not very responsible when you went and fell in love with a demon."
Phoebe: "Oh, please, you have got to let this whole Cole thing go, okay? You can't stay mad at me forever."
Prue's id: "I'm not mad at you, Phoebe, I never was. Alright, she was. I was rooting for you. [...] You risked everything for love, just like Piper and Leo. I dream of having that kind of freedom but instead I get stuck watching my sisters live my dream."
— Prue's astral self talking about herself[src]
Prue and Piper at secret handfasting

Prue at Piper's secret handfasting.

Prue was forced to grow up at an early age after Patty's death and Victor's departure, taking on a large amount of responsibility for Piper and Phoebe, sacrificing her own childhood, driven by her desire to make her mother proud. She was a popular student at Baker High School, and went through a brief rebellious stage at the age of seventeen because of her lack of a childhood. After straightening out her act again, Prue's driving resulted in Phoebe being hospitalized, which Penny severely punished her for, stopping her from going to school and giving her additional responsibilities. Feeling guilty and distraught, Prue took a photograph of a bridge to remind herself how she felt in that moment, but was too afraid to develop it for fear of reliving her grief again.

Prue's id, which manifested itself through astral projection, described her ego as being "all about duty and obligation", while saying that she, as her inner desires, wanted freedom and to have a life free of responsibility, which she had never had due to her having to look after her sisters. This caused her to be envious of her sisters, particularly of Phoebe's freedom, and said that she was "stuck watching [her] sisters live out [her] dream". Phoebe deduced that her childhood had caused her to suppress her inner desires, which led to them manifesting through her power. Phoebe managed to convince Prue's id to join back with her ego after telling her that the passion and purpose that she and Piper had was all because of Prue and the sacrifices she made.

Prue's last words to her mother before her death were "I love you", which resulted in her being unable to say those words to anyone for fear of losing them too, though she eventually managed to say it to Piper for the first time after defeating Barbas.

Notable possessionsEdit

Prue reading book

Prue with the Halliwell Book of Shadows.

  • Halliwell Book of Shadows: Prue, Piper and Phoebe inherited the family's Book of Shadows from Penny following her death. Prue wrote her Magic-to-Magic Spell in the book under the title "To Summon Belthazor".
  • Leather jacket: Prue owned a leather jacket, which she wore at some point between March and September in 1999. After her death, Piper sat in her room staring at the jacket, which she wore to mourn her.
  • Necklace: Prue owned a gold necklace with her name in cursive writing. Along with Prue's jacket, Piper wore the necklace once.


Magical powers and skillsEdit

Former powersEdit

Prue steals doll

Prue taking Piper's doll.

  • Telekinesis: Prue developed the power to move things with her mind as a child, and was capable of activating the power through either squinting or blinking her eyes or by motioning with her hands. After twenty-three years of living with her powers bound and the memories of having them erased, Prue had to learn how to use her telekinesis power again, firstly through squinting her eyes or "moving" a headache out of her mind, and later through her hands. They grew to such an extent that she was, after taking over Charon's victim, capable of restraining one from moving. However, she later stripped her powers for the benefit of the Power of Three.
  • Astral projection: Prue developed her second active power in 2000, and was able to project her mind out of her body through astral projection. This power was tied to her need to be in more than one place at one time, and enabled her to do so, though, in astral-form, she was unable to use telekinesis. Prue stripped both her active powers for the good of the Power of Three while possessing the body of a witch whose soul had been taken by Charon.

Temporary powersEdit

Prue uses the Touch of Death

Prue using the Touch of Death on Alec.

  • Premonition: When Piper used To Exchange Power in order to heal Leo using his power, Prue and Phoebe's powers also switched, granting Prue the power of premonition. Once the spell was used again, Prue's powers returned. After Rennek's magic-switch, Prue gained Phoebe's powers a second time, and had a premonition of her own death while fighting a magic gang sent by Rennek.
  • Touch of Death: After using the To Exchange Power spell, Prue gained Alec's darklighter powers, including the Touch of Death. She triggered it using hate, and used it to vanquish Alec. Casting the spell again, she made sure that she did not lose her powers with Alec's death, and the power returned to him as he burned.
  • Empathy: Prue obtained the power of empathy when Vinceres made contact with her as she cast a spell to release his empathy power, giving it to her. Initially, she rejected the power, and was almost destroyed by the weight of others' emotions before embracing it and using it to fuel her physical and magical strength. The power was destroyed after her astral-form used it to vanquish Vinceres.
Prue levitating

Prue levitating.

  • Levitation: Thanks to Rennek's magic-switch, Prue gained Phoebe's power to levitate, which she used in two separate battles against Rennek's magic gangs. The power returned to Phoebe after Prue killed herself.
  • Manipulating molecules: After Rennek's magic-switch, Prue gained Piper's power to manipulate the speed of molecules. She later gave it back to Piper by unleashing all of her power and killing herself.
  • Orbing: After Rennek's magic-switch, Paige's power to orb transferred to Prue. She used it to transport herself to the manor after learning from Anoraq that Rennek had stolen the Grimoire. The power returned to Paige after Prue's death.
  • Healing Touch: After Rennek's magic-switch, Prue gained Paige's power to heal. She later gave it back to Paige by unleashing all of her power and killing herself.



Prue: "You know, they just don't understand. They don't know him like I do. I can't believe I let them go. I can't believe they went. He's acting like no time has passed, like I'm still his little girl and I'm not. There are things I want to tell him, I want him to know what he missed. You know, like the time I broke my arm or the day that I finally passed my driver's test, our prom."
Andy: "Didn't we miss that too?"
Prue: "I want him to know. I want him to want to know. And I'm sorry but I also want some answers, like where the hell's he been all my life. Why didn't he come back until now? He needs to know that that's not okay."
— Prue to Andy on her father[src]
Victor and Prue (video)

Prue and Victor on December 25, 1976.

Prue was angry with her father for leaving the family after Patty's death, partly because of how Penny had told her that he was a threat to her and her sisters. His lack of responsibility angered Prue, who claimed that she would never drop all of her responsibilities or walk out on her family. When Piper tried to get Prue to sign a birthday card for him, she simply told her that she was not going to due to the lack of birthday cards she had received from him.

When Victor approached Prue at Buckland Auction House, she recognized his ring, and ordered him to leave after he called her "Prudence", when she realized who he was. She told him to stay away from her and her sisters, and was disbelieving when Piper and Phoebe went to dinner with him. She was passive agressive to him when he was looking at photographs of the family, and rightly suspected him of being after the Book of Shadows after he asked where it was. After learning that he wanted the book to try and save them from magic, he realized that the sisters were not his "little girls" anymore, and Prue, who saved his life, reconciled with him. She was saddened when he left unexpectedly, and was moved while watching a Christmas video he had left for them.

Prue's bitterness towards her father returned after his departure, as they did not hear from him for over a year. She refused to sign the birthday card that Piper had bought for him, and her own feelings about her family resulted in her declining Justin Harper's invite to his family's annual barbecue, which his mother and father were attending.

Piper: "Anyway, Cara called last night, and she had a meeting in the Bay Tech Building yesterday, and she swore that she saw Victor walking through the lobby."
Phoebe: "As in 'Dad', Victor?"
Piper: "As in we haven't spoken to him in a year, and now he's probably in town, and he hasn't even bothered to call us. Yes, that would be the one. [...] Why do you think he's here? Should we go and try to find him? I mean, what if it has nothing to do with us?"
Prue: "Well, I for one am not going to go out of my way to find out."
— Prue, still angry at Victor[src]
Victor hugs Prue

Prue hugging Victor.

When Piper told Prue that Cara had seen Victor at the Bay Tech Building, she showed no interest, and said that she was not going to go out of her way to find him since he had not seen them in almost two years. She made a sarcastic remark about him after Phoebe had a premonition of the two of them inside the Ice Cream Truck.

Prue: "I just didn't really feel like inviting him to our home for tea and cookies."
Phoebe: "He's our father, Prue. This is family."
Prue: "This is business, alright? And don't even think about giving me that look. If he gives us any useful information about the playground, I will be the very first one to thank him."
— Prue and Phoebe[src]

Prue reluctantly met with Victor at P3, and had somewhat forgiven him after he saved her from the Nothing and told her the whole story of why he left them. She was happy when he said that his new job could have him based in San Francisco, meaning that he could have a more active role in the girls' lives. Prue refused to say goodbye, instead saying "see you soon, Dad".


Patty and Prue photo

Prue on Patty's lap.

Patty: "Oh, Prue. It's been so hard on you, unfair."
Prue: "Yeah... no, it doesn't matter. I just wanted to make you proud."
Patty: "You protected this family better than I could. I'm so proud of you."
Prue: "Thank you."
— Prue and Patty before Piper's handfasting[src]

Prue was close to her mother, and was left scarred after her death. Her last words to her before the Water Demon killed her were "I love you", which left her with a fear of water, stopping her from taking swimming lessons, and of losing those that she loved. She made sure that she protected Piper and Phoebe to make Patty proud of her, although the sacrifices she made to make her proud led to her suppressing her inner desires. Her death made Prue angry, and she avoided talking about her or drawing comparisons between her and herself.

Prue: "In fact, I had a wonderful dream about Mom."
Piper: "Oh, how great. What about?"
Prue: "Um, I was a little kid, like four or five, and I was reaching up, holding her hand and she was taking me someplace. I don't know where but it felt so safe."
— Prue on a dream she had[src]
Patty saves Prue

Patty saving Prue from drowning.

In 1999, Barbas tried to use Prue's fear of water to kill her. Patty visited her as a ghost and told her to face her fears and to trust in love, the "greatest of all powers". Seeing her mother as a peaceful vision led her to finally tell Piper that she loved her, which Patty thanked her for by adding a note to the Book of Shadows.

"You tiptoe around the subject of Mom, you deny looking like her, you can't even go to the end of that dock because you're afraid to walk in her footsteps and now you want me to relive her last moments? How is that fair?"
—Phoebe to Prue[src]

That November, Prue went up against the Water Demon at Camp Skylark. In order to find out how to vanquish it, she asked Phoebe to have a premonition to see how Patty tried to. Phoebe remarked that it was not fair for her to have to watch their mother die given that Prue would not even admit the similarities between her and Patty, but Prue simply agreed that it was not fair, but she had to in order to end the killings.

Prue met her mother again when she was sent down from the Beyond by the Council of Elders for Piper's handfasting. Prue told Patty that everything she had done for the family was to make her proud, and she and her sisters hugged her. As she was only permitted to stay on the Earthly plane until midnight, her short stay made Prue upset after she left, so much so that she argued with the Angel of Death.

Prue was finally reunited with Patty in the Beyond after her death. Patty and Penny tried to help her deal with her death, as well as her still being tethered to her sisters, and Patty sent Cole to find Prue after she possessed Charon's witch.

Penny HalliwellEdit

Penny (NTSp2)

Penny Halliwell.

Prue: "For what it's worth, the service today was really beautiful."
Piper: "She would've liked what you said."
Prue: "Thanks. I know that this is gonna sound strange but... do you think that she heard?"
Piper: "Yeah, I think she did."
— Prue and Piper after Penny's funeral[src]

Prue was close with her grandmother, Penny, who raised her, Piper and Phoebe after Patty was killed and Victor left. Despite how much responsibility Penny gave to Prue, Prue did not blame her, although she did do "anything to piss off Grams" during her brief rebellious stage when she was seventeen.

When Penny fell ill, Prue and Piper gave up their shared apartment to move back in and look after her. Following Penny's death, Prue gave a speech at her funeral, which Piper thought that Penny "would have liked". Prue also agreed that Penny was the only thing keeping her, Piper and Phoebe together.

On 22 September, 1999, Penny (as a spirit) visited the sisters, leaving Prue too surprised to say anything to her. They later helped prepare for Piper's handfasting, and both Penny and Patty helped Prue try and adjust to her afterlife in the Beyond. After Prue secretly possessed Charon's victim, Penny and Patty sent Cole to try and find her.

Piper HalliwellEdit

"She's been there my whole life. I've always had a big sister. And I don't know how to live without one."
Prue comforts Piper

Prue comforting Piper.

Prue's relationship with Piper was more constant than hers with Phoebe. In high school, Prue stood up to finish Piper's speech when she ran for class secretary in her freshman year, as Piper was too nervous to finish it.[62]

Prue and Piper later bought an apartment in North Beach together,[26] before returning to 1329 Prescott Street to care for Penny. After Prue and Roger decided to marry, she planned to move out, although this made Piper unhappy as she would be left alone to look after Penny and Phoebe. However, she later called the engagement off. Prue and Piper remained at Halliwell Manor after Penny's death for sentimental reasons.

The reawakening of their powers only brought Prue and Piper closer together. They fell out briefly because of Andras's influence, which resulted in the fracturing of the Power of Three, but this was later remedied and their relationship and powers were restored.

After Prue's death, Piper was unsure of how she could go on without Prue, and was angry at her for getting herself killed. Piper planned to name her eldest child after her while she assumed that it would be a girl. She later suggested to Phoebe that she name her eldest after their elder sister, which she did.

Phoebe HalliwellEdit

Prue and Phoebe hug

Prue reuniting with Phoebe.

"While I admire your confidence and your fearlessness, your utter lack of responsibility frustrates me to no end."
—Prue to Phoebe[src]

Prue's relationship with Phoebe was less so than that of hers with Piper. Prue looked after Phoebe when she was growing up, and was quite defensive of her.[63] However, Phoebe viewed Prue as more of a mother than a sister, which made it difficult to talk to her.[64] Prue was frustrated by Phoebe's lack of responsibility, likely envious because of how Patty's death and Victor's departure forced Prue to take responsibility for the family.

The rediscovery of their powers after Phoebe returned from New York brought the two sisters closer. They fell out briefly because of Andras's influence, which resulted in the fracturing of the Power of Three, but this was later remedied and their relationship and powers were restored. Prue was also angry after finding out that Phoebe had only pretended to vanquish Cole Turner.

Paige MatthewsEdit

"Look, it's just sometimes I feel like they want me to Prue, super witch. And I can't. I don't know how."
Paige meets Prue

Prue and Paige meeting for the first time.

Prue did not learn of Paige's existence until after her death. She helped Piper and Phoebe find her, hoping that the prophecy would transfer to her.[65] She was correct in this, but the prophecy was intended only for the eldest three siblings, so Prue was still connected to her sisters. This connection led to Prue taking over the body of one of Charon's victims.

Prue met Paige when Paige arrived at Salem Witch House looking to recruit Sarah for Magic School. Prue tried to get her to leave, afraid of what might happen to their powers. Paige made contact with Prue, which caused the Power of Three to go out of control. When Paige offered to strip her powers to repair the problem, Prue insisted that Paige was a Charmed One now, and that she needed to let go, and stripped her powers.

Andy TrudeauEdit

Prue and Andy photo

A photograph of Prue and Andy.

Andy: "Prue, you're a good person who does good things."
Prue: "I don't want to lose you."
Andy: "Don't worry, you won't. I'll always be there for you, Prue."
— Prue and Andy's farewell[src]

Prue and Andrew Trudeau were friends as children, with Andy often staying at the house to play. The two later developed a romantic relationship when they both attended Baker High School. They missed prom in favour of having sex,[21] and were quite close until graduation, after which Andy moved to Portland, Oregon[22] and Prue went to Gold State University.[2]

Prue and Andy were reunited in 1998, when they ran into each other at County General Hospital. The two had sex after their first date, which they agreed was too fast, so they decided to slow down their relationship. Prue's duties as a witch caused friction between her and Andy as they meant that Prue had to cancel several plans. Frustrated, Andy decided to take a pause in the relationship.

This prompted Prue to use the Truth Spell to find out if Andy would accept her being a witch. Prue gave him about a minute to answer her, and he said that he was unsure of if he was okay with it. Prue subsequently ended the relationship based on this. During their time apart, Andy came to believe that Prue was involved in witchcraft and Black Magic, and started a file.

Andy witnessed Prue's powers when she saved him from Janor and Kava. He began to use his position in law enforcement to cover for Prue and her sisters, which caught the attention of Internal Affairs, as well as a demon who used the name "Rodriguez". Andy was killed by Rodriguez while trying to save Prue, and had an emotional farewell with Prue in the astral plane before moving on to the Beyond.

The two were reunited after Prue's death, but Prue's painful connection to her sisters made her angry, and she took out most of her rage on Andy.

Cole TurnerEdit

Cole and Prue

Prue and Cole.

Phoebe: "You didn't nearly catch a demon, you nearly killed a district attorney. My district attorney."
Prue: "How do you know we didn't catch a demon? I mean, think about it, Phoebe, he is always around when something is going on. I mean, look at tonight."
Phoebe: "You're right, he's a plant. Trying to get close to me so he can kill us. Now is everyone a demon, Prue? You are crazy right now."
— Prue arguing with Phoebe over Cole[src]

Prue first met Cole Turner after reporting the murder of a woman killed by Emilio Smith. Prue understood Phoebe's attraction to him, remarking that he hadn't got "a bad butt either". Prue became suspicious of Cole after he was caught in the siderite crystal trap that she placed around the family's Book of Shadows. She told Piper that she did not like nor trust him,[66] which she admitted to Phoebe.[67]

After Krell presented Belthazor's coat to Prue and Piper, Prue recognised that Cole had an identical coat, confirming her suspicions that Cole was a demon.[68] The two went to Cole's apartment to vanquish him using Prue's potion, but Cole shimmered away with Phoebe. When Prue and Piper followed them, Phoebe claimed that she had vanquished Cole. Prue tried to comfort her and said that she "didn't want to be right" about her suspicions, but advised her to move on with her life.

Prue was angry when Phoebe confessed that she had only staged Cole's vanquish, and that he was still alive. When he arrived at the house, she expressed the desire to kill him, but he claimed to have stopped using magic. She was forced to travel with him into a time loop in order to save Bo Lightfeather and, by extension, Phoebe, who she was psychically connected to. Prue was still distrustful of Cole, even more so after he used an energy ball to kill Gil.

Although Cole managed to grow closer to the rest of the family, Prue still harboured a dislike for him. She relented when Phoebe wanted him to attend Piper and Leo's wedding, but still did not want him there while they prepared, believing that it was a time for family. At the wedding, Prue's astral-self took on a life of its own, and admitted to Phoebe that, somewhere inside of her, she supported and admired Phoebe's relationship with Cole, comparing it to that of Piper and Leo's. After this confession, she came to be more accepting of Cole's presence in their lives.

After Cole killed Janna, Phoebe ended their relationship, but decided not to give up on him after finding out that Raynor had used a spell to make him kill her, although Prue believed that she was over him. She believed that her mission to free him from the spell using a potion was simply setting her up for more heartbreak, but did not stop her.

Following Prue's return to the Earthly plane, Cole was sent by Patty to locate her. After Cole found her in Salem, Massachusetts, Prue told him everything that had happened to her since her death. Prue was far more trusting of him, and Cole decided to guard her in order to prevent the cataclysmic events that could occur if she came into contact with her sisters. However, he failed to stop Paige from meeting her, causing the Power of Three to go out of control. Cole decided to remain with Prue to help train new witches in order to atone for his past sins, which she allowed. He later became Prue's messenger from the Nexus of the All.



Roger, Prue's former fiancé.

Prue: "Since when did we stop being on a first-name-basis? When we stopped sleeping together or when I returned your engagement ring, Roger?"
Roger: "I didn't realize the two were mutually exclusive. Although I certainly enjoyed one more than the other."
— Prue and Roger after their break-up[src]

Prue had a romantic relationship with her boss at the American Musuem of Natural History, Roger. They fell in love, and Roger asked Prue to marry him, which she agreed to. The wedding was intended to be at some point shortly after March, 1998.

At some point after Penny's death, Roger made a move on Phoebe. Prue found out and, although Roger claimed that Phoebe made the first move, Phoebe insisted that she did not touch him. Prue called off the engagement.

Prue continued working at the museum with Roger until he took credit for her work, prompting her to resign.

Bane JessupEdit

Prue and Bane

Prue and Bane Jessup.

Bane: "It's been a long time since someone believed in me."
Prue: "Maybe that's because you stopped believing in yourself."
Bane: "You know, I haven't always been like this. Wrong side of the law, always looking over my shoulder. I had dreams once. Big dreams."
Prue: "It's not too late to change now."
— Prue and Bane[src]

Prue met Bane Jessup while posing as Hellfire to try and find out who ordered the hit on her and her sisters, as well as Marcy Steadwell and several others. There was an attraction between them; Bane flirting with her, believing her to indeed be Hellfire. Prue's actions led to Bane's arrest.

After Bane escaped prison, he kidnapped Prue, as he had witnessed her powers and believed that she could help save him from Litvack. The two talked about their dreams, and ended up sleeping together. Prue saved Bane, and he later called Darryl Morris to turn himself in.

Jack SheridanEdit

Prue: "Look, I had a little wake up call and I realize that life is too short to be wasting my time doing something I really don't want to be doing."
Jack: "Or being with someone you don't really want to be with."
Prue: "Jack, you have been great. You've opened me up to so many things, made me feel wanted again."
— Prue saying goodbye to Jack[src]

Jack Sheridan.

Prue and internet auctioneer Jack Sheridan were guided towards each other by a cupid while doing a live appraisal, and the two competed over Tuatha's wand, which she later gave back to him broken. Jack bought her a drink, and joined Buckland Auction House.

Prue suspected Jack of being a warlock after seeing him in two different places with no way of him getting from one to the other without blinking. She cast To Hear Secret Thoughts in order to investigate this, only to find that Jack had asked his twin brother Jeff had been impersonating him at times. Although Prue and Jack were argumentative, Prue was grateful when Jack covered for her while she vanquished the Water Demon, and even more so after Cauldwell paired the two up to raise $100,000 worth of revenue. Prue presented $275,000, and the two went out to celebrate.

Prue and Jack celebrated Valentine's Day together, only to break up early into their relationship because of Drazi's influence. The cupid that brought them together managed to undo the influence, and the two made amends. They later had the opportunity to go to New York, but, after Prue couldn't make it to her duties as a witch, Jack decided not to go without her, which she appreciated. However, the two later had a disagreement over selling a fake Monet painting. Though not entirely for this reason, Prue resigned from Buckland's, ending her relationship with Jack so that she had "no strings" left while trying to rebuild her life.


Prue (S2p7)


"Prudence" is the Medieval English form of Prudentia, the feminine form of Prudentius. In France, it is both the feminine form and a rare masculine form. In England it was used during the Middle Ages and was revived in the 17th century by the Puritans, in part from the English word prudence, ultimately of the same source.[69]

"Halliwell" derives from any of the several places named with the Old English pre-7th century elements halig meaning "holy", plus well(a), a well or spring. These places include Halliwell in Lancashire, Holwell in Dorset and Oxfordshire, Halwell and Halwill in Devonshire, and Holywell in Northumberland, Kent, Cambridgeshire and Cornwall.[70]

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  46. Prue: You really don't understand how prophecies work, do you? Melinda Warren didn't foresee a Power of Four. Paige and I share one of Melinda's three powers. Piper and Phoebe have the other two. That's the only way the power of three could continue on without me. If we ever got together, I doubt it would make us stronger. It would probably weaken the power of the Charmed ones even more. For all I know, the reaction could be cataclysmic. We're not supposed to be four sisters together. That's not what was foreseen. I've got to keep my distance. From all the Warrens. It's the only way to keep the family safe. (The Heavens Can Wait)
  47. Family Shatters
  48. Four's Company
  49. 49.0 49.1 Prue Ya Gonna Call?
  50. The Darklight Zone
  51. The Power of 300
  52. No Country for Old Ones
  53. Magically Malicious
  54. The Perks of Being a Whitelighter
  55. Whatever Happened to the Demon with a Soul?
  56. Hard Knox Life
  57. Love is a Burning Thing
  58. 58.0 58.1 The Curious Case of Benjamin Turner
  59. Haste Makes Wasteland
  60. Virtue
  61. Court of Love
  62. Justin Harper: Remember when she ran for freshman class secretary? She got so nervous that you had to go up on stage and finish her speech for her. (Coyote Piper)
  63. Past-Phoebe: Stay away from me or I'll sic Prue on you. (The Three Faces of Phoebe)
  64. Phoebe Halliwell: It's just so hard for me to talk to her. She's always been more like a mother. (Something Wicca This Way Comes)
  65. Prue Halliwell: I thought if I helped Piper and Phoebe find Paige the prophecy would transfer to her and everything would be fine. Then I left them alone to let the power grow without any interference. (The Heavens Can Wait)
  66. Prue: You know what? I don't like him and I don't trust him. And it has nothing to do with him being a greasy lawyer either. (Sleuthing with the Enemy)
  67. Phoebe: Yeah, it just doesn't help that you never really liked Cole from the beginning. / Prue: Yeah, well, I mean, you never really like any of my boyfriends either. (Sleuthing with the Enemy)
  68. Prue: Does this look familiar to you? / Piper: I don't know. Why? / Prue: Because Cole has one exactly like it. / Piper: Cole? You think Cole is... / Prue: Belthazor's human form. (Sleuthing with the Enemy)
  69. Prudence on
  70. Halliwell on the Surname Database
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