Power-sucking athame
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Used to transfer powers from one individual into the blade, which can then be absorbed by the user.

"The unique design of the Athame pictured above is used as a power absorbing channel from its victim. Any magical individual killed by this weapon has their powers transferred and stored within the blade."
A textbook at Magic School library concerning the power-sucking athame.[src]

A power-sucking athame[1] is a uniquely shaped knife that is capable of stealing the powers of whomever is stabbed by it, storing their magic within. When a power is stored within the athame, one is able to transfer it to him or herself, gaining their victim's powers. Jeremy Burns used one of these, as he was apparently incapable of power absorption, and they were later used for the demonic gameshow Witch Wars. During the gameshow, Corr and Clea gave a power-sucking athame to each of the contestants (a shapeshifter, a darklighter, a Brute Demon and a warlock) to use against eachother, when, in reality, it was so that they would all kill eachother and Corr could later obtain all of their powers.

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  1. First named in Witch Wars.