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"I must've named you after my favorite aunt."
—Patty to her third daughter[src]

Phoebe was Patty Halliwell's "favorite aunt", and the namesake of her and Victor Bennet's third daughter.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Phoebe's relationship to the Halliwell family is uncertain, and there are several possibilities:
    • Given her name fitting with the P tradition beginning with Pamela Bousquet's granddaughters, it is possible that Phoebe was a sister of Penny's, making her a witch and a Johnson. However, the family tree first seen in Pardon My Past does not include her.
    • She could be a sister of Allen and Janice, making her a mortal and a Halliwell.
    • She could be a sister of one of Penny's three ex-husbands, which would make her an aunt in name but not by blood.
    • She could be P. Bowen who died in 1970, which would make her Patty's first cousin twice removed rather than her actual aunt.
  • Phoebe may have been one of the twelve unidentified Warren witches who appeared in Last Witch Effort and The Charmed Offensive.

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