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Penelope Halliwell (née Johnson)
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June 23, 1937[1]
Boston, Massachusetts[2]


March 5,[1] 1998 (aged 60)
San Francisco, California




Widowed once, divorced three times[3]


High Priestess[4]

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High priestess

"I am so sorry. I never realised how much my anger, my bitterness, affected my life, or yours. And I'm most sorry for what I did to my great grandson, and you. And if ever I was to have a second chance, it would be with him, and you. Don't make the same mistake I did. Don't ever give up on love."
—Penny to her granddaughters[src]

Penelope[1] Halliwell (née Johnson[1]; also known as Penny; June 23, 1937March 5, 1998) was a witch, daughter of Gordon Johnson and P. Baxter and adoptive sister of Gordon II. She had a daughter named Patty at the age of twelve, the father being Allen Halliwell, seven years her senior, whom she later married. An accomplished witch, potion maker and high priestess, Allen's death at Nigel's hand led to her becoming a fierce and determined combatant against the Underworld.

Following Allen's death, Penny remarried and divorced three times, and was engaged a further three. To prevent herself from becoming engaged again, she hexed her ring. Without focussing on men, Penny became the matriarch of the Halliwell family. She advised Patty to give up her part-whitelighter baby, and cared for her three eldest granddaughters after Patty's death. Having bound their powers during their childhood, she raised them as mortals. After finally deciding to strip their powers permanently, she suffered a heart attack and died in 1998. She continued to guide and assist her granddaughters from the Beyond.

As a spirit, Penny helped the Charmed Ones vanquish Abraxas and retrieve the Halliwell Book of Shadows, performed Piper and Leo Wyatt's handfasting, made the potion that killed Snow White's stepmother, vanquished Armand, and helped in the battle against Neena in the Upper Regions.


Early lifeEdit

Penny: "It was your ancestor Melinda's."
Patty: "Mom. It's for me?"
Penny: "It is now. I wore it when I was your age. My mother wore it before me, and her mother before her."
— Penny on Melinda Warren's pendant[src]

Penny was born on June 23, 1937 to Gordon Johnson and P. Baxter in a hotel in Boston, Massachussetts in a breech birth. From her mother's side of the family, she inherited the power to move things with her mind, and was also a skilled potion maker, creating several potions and adding them to the Warrens' Book of Shadows.

When Penny was six years-old at the very youngest, Gordon and Baxter adopted a mortal boy, whom they named Gordon Johnson II.

Penny embraced her identity as a witch, celebrating Wiccan festivals and having parties with fairies and other witches. However, she was against using magic for personal gain. After Penny's initiation into witchcraft, her mother gave her a pendant that had been given to her by her own mother and that could be traced back to Melinda Warren.

Starting a familyEdit

Daughter and relationship with ArmandEdit

Penny: "You used me. You preyed on my affections just to get to my family."
Armand: "And for that I am truly, truly sorry. I was just trying to survive. I never intended to fall in love with you either."
Penny: "What do you want, Armand?"
Armand: "What I wanted then - life! With you!"
— Penny and Armand on their past[src]

As a child, Penny met Allen Halliwell, with whom she had a daughter at the age of twelve on April 5, 1950, when Allen was about twenty. They named her Patricia Halliwell, in keeping with Penny's family's tradition of using names beginning with the letter P. At some point, Penny fell in love with Armand, who preyed on her feelings for him in order to use the power of the Warren matriarchs to resurrect himself. He did not anticipate falling in love with her himself. At Patty's wiccaning, Armand attacked,[7] seeking to use the power of the Warren family matriarchs to resurrect himself. Penny proceeded to banish him back to the Spirit Realm.

First marriage and universityEdit

Patty: "Y'know, if Dad were here, he'd let me help Stacey."
Penny: "He absolutely would not, you know he feels the same way I do about abusing magic. And I told you, all Stacey needs is a little bit of self-confidence. No magic necessary."
Patty: "Fine. But I'm still going to ask Dad what he thinks when he gets back. I'd like to be excused, so I can go take a bath. I'll certainly try not to abuse any magic on the way."
— Penny and Patty arguing[src]

When Penny came of age, she married Allen, whose influence led her to the hippie subculture.

Both Penny and Allen taught Patty not to use magic for her own gain, or that of her friends. She herself had to use magic on a daily basis to ward demons away from the house to protect her family, though, thanks to Allen's influence, she did not believe in killing them.

Gail: "Oh, my God, look how young we were. I remember when this was taken. Right outside our sorority house. We'd just met."
Phoebe: "A couple of hotties."
Gail: "That was then. This is now."
Gail and Phoebe on a photograph[src]

Penny attended university, and was part of a sorority. She was close to one of her sorority sisters, Gail Altman. The two became best friends, and Penny, at some point, disclosed to Gail that she was a witch. Gail herself was a witch practitioner, possibly introduced to witchcraft by Penny.[8] Penny also become close friends with Robin.

"Like you said, Piper, it's okay to fight for someone you love, right?"
—Penny before killing Nigel[src]

Penny organised a "be-in" for witches and whitelighters on January 13, 1967 at her parents' house, in which she and her family were now living in. Penny's plan was to tap into the spiritual nexus beneath the house and "ride the magic wave". During the event, she met Paige Matthews, who had been transported from the future due to a return-to-owner spell that Penny had cast on a pair of go-go boots, and later Piper and Phoebe. That night, Penny found Allen dead, killed by Nigel, who was in league with Robin. Penny decided to make a binding potion, feeling that her magic had failed her, but changed her mind and vanquished Nigel after Piper, Phoebe and Paige revealed their true identities. Penny proceeded to reverse her return-to-owner spells.

After Piper, Phoebe and Paige's departure, Penny cast a forgetting spell to remove her memories of them and their time travel. However, she retained her new perspective on violence, which was that it was acceptable if done to protect others.

Life after Allen's deathEdit

Caring for Prue, Piper and PhoebeEdit

Victor: "I battled with your grandmother after your mom died. She wanted you to find out you were witches when you grew up, I didn't. I fought for you, hard. But your grandmother was too strong."
Piper: "Wait, you're blaming Grams for why you disappeared? She loved us, she raised us!"
Prue: "What'd she do, put a spell on you?"
Victor: "Believe me, nothing short of that would've kept me away."
Prue, Piper and Victor on Penny[src]



Piper's weddingEdit

Paige's disappearance and fighting the slimeEdit

Vanquishing ArmandEdit

Chris's wiccaningEdit

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Allen HalliwellEdit

Patty HalliwellEdit


"Isn't that why you loved me? Because I was dangerous, exciting, why your heart beats a little faster when I'm near you?"
Armand to Penny[src]


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