Paige (S8p6)
Paige Matthews
Biographical information

August 2, 1977[1]


Josephine Bennet (or "Jo")

Marital status



Headmistress (formerly)

Physical description

Witch (half-whitelighter)



Hair color

Red (naturally brown; formerly blonde)

Eye color


Skin color


Family information
Family members
See Halliwell family
Magical characteristics
Active powers
Greatest fear
  • Not being able to live up to Prue (overcome)
  • Small spaces (overcome)
  • Wyatt being unsafe from Barbas
Greatest desire

Being able to use magic without consequence

Notable charges
"Magic's always been inside of you. It saved you because you were meant to do great things with it, and you have, and you will."
Leo to Paige[src]

Paige Matthews (b. August 2, 1977[1]) was the half-whitelighter daughter of Sam Wilder and Patty Halliwell, and younger half-sister to Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell. Fearing repercussions for their tryst, Sam and Patty gave Paige up for adoption, and she was taken in by Matthews and his wife. In 1994, her adoptive parents died in a motoring accident, Paige herself being saved by her otherwise latent orbing power.

Searching for her biological parents, Paige came to suspect that Patty Halliwell was her mother and that the Halliwell sisters were her half-siblings, though she dismissed this because of Patty's death in 1978. After Prue's death, Paige suspicions were confirmed, and she joined her half-sisters and reconstituted the Power of Three. Paige resigned from South Bay Social Services in order to focus on witchcraft, and later became headmistress of Magic School for several months to prevent the Elders from closing it. Though she handed the job over to her brother-in-law, Paige went on to work there as a consultant and recruiter for new students, as well as a visiting lecturer on magic.

Her duties as a whitelighter led her to meet Henry Mitchell, with whom she fell in love and married. The two had twins, named Kat and Tamora, and took in the son of Christopher Mercer, naming him Henry Jr.



"Well, that's how they appeared, with you in their arms! I was stunned. I - I didn't know what to think. They said that you were in great danger, that they had no other choice but to give you up, to protect you. [...] They asked me to find you a good home, a safe home, and to keep their secret... until you came looking."
Baby Paige

Paige as a baby.

Paige was born on August 2, 1977[1] to Sam Wilder and Patty Halliwell. Due to the potential ramifications of a relationship between a whitelighter and his witch charge, Penny Halliwell persuaded the two to give the baby up, fearing that Prue, Piper and Phoebe would be denied their powers should the forbidden relationship be made apparent.[2] However, Sam's reason for wanting to give Paige up was that he wanted her to have a normal life away from magic and demons that her half-sisters would later be exposed to.[3]

Sam orbed himself, Patty and their baby to a church nearby, where they gave her to Agnes, asking her to find a good home for her, as well as to keep their secret until the day Paige returned seeking the truth. They also asked that her name begin with the letter "P", as part of the Halliwell naming tradition.

Paige was adopted by Matthews and his wife, who respected Sam and Patty's wish regarding her first initial. Her adoptive grandmother, who she was very close to,[4] taught her lessons about ethics and values without using fairy tales.[5] Paige did, however, remember the story of her past life, the Evil Enchantress, and believed it to be a fairy tale.[6] She also had an Uncle Dave[7] and Aunt Julie.[8]

As a child, Paige had a toy clown called Slappy.[9] She befriended Glen Belland in kindergarten[10] and the two were best friends, becoming an on-and-off couple in and after high school.[11][12]

Teenage yearsEdit

Teen Paige

Paige in her teenage years.

"So I wasn't the ideal high school student, you know. I, um, skipped classes, partied all night with my friends. Pretty much anything they wanted to do I was up for."

Paige was a rebellious youth. She attended Robinson Royce High School where she frequently skipped classes, started fights, brought alcohol and smoked,[13] being willing to do anything that her friends were up for.[14] Her parents were aware of her smoking habit and she later claimed that she had given it up in addition to giving up drinking, which proved not to be true when her father had to pick her up from a party after she passed out.[15] She once got behind the wheel of a car drunk with her friends and caused an accident.[16] Looking back on her teenage years, Paige described herself as having been cruel, particularly to her parents.[14] Although her parents wanted her to go to college, she once told them that she refused.[17]

One of Paige's friends at high school was Michelle Miglis.[18] Her first love was Philip Lewicky, who gave her a necklace.[19] She also began dating her best friend Glen a number of times during high school, although it never worked out and they would return to being friends.[11][12]

Parents' deathsEdit

Straightening outEdit

"I don't drink. I used to have kind of a problem with certain liquids. Lots of problems, actually, but that's all behind me."

Following her parents' deaths, Paige decided to straighten out her act, although for some time she was angry at them for dying.[20] She quit smoking and drinking[21] and began to take her education seriously. She achieved high test-scores and was able to attend Berkeley as a result, although helped by a powerful essay on her parents' deaths. She graduated with a degree in Social Work.[22] She went looking for her biological parents and, after inquiring with the police, found the church that she was left at. She came to believe that she might have been the daughter of Patty Halliwell, but after learning that she was dead she decided to drop that line of inquiry.[23]

Paige was employed as Bob Cowan's assistant at South Bay Social Services, living in an apartment with a parrot named Oscar[24] and receiving visits from Kit.[25] She believed that Cowan refused to promote her to social worker because of monetary reasons.[26] She had particularly strong feelings towards cases of parental child abuse and attempted to involve herself in them to Cowan's annoyance.[27] On her way to get coffee every morning, she passed a house that gave her a shiver[28] and she once bumped into its resident, Finn, in the grocery store, where they flirted.[29]

Despite deciding not to approach the Halliwell sisters, Paige began to frequent P3 in 2000 in order to feel close to them.[30] She dated Shane for a month, although she didn't tell him about her alcoholism or that she was adopted for some time.[31]

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Telekinetic orbingEdit


"And if you have a sixth sense for locating good, is it possible that I have one for locating evil?"
—Paige to Leo[src]

Before being a Charmed One, Paige found herself experiencing a shiver whenever she passed Gammill's house. She later theorised that she had the power to sense evil in contrast with a whitelighter's power to sense good.[32] She was also capable of sensing other whitelighters, being able to sense that Leo was in trouble and orb to his location.[33]


"Be me. You can glamour. You've done it before."
—Phoebe to Paige[src]

Paige was able to glamour years before her sisters were, noting that it was one of her whitelighter powers.[34] She used it to disguise herself as Jessica to marry Glen,[35] Flo to stop Stewick's harassment,[36] Phoebe to cover for her,[37] a blonde woman to trick Mitchell Haines into using his powers,[38] a number of disguises while pretending to be dead,[39][40] Janice Dickinson to mourn at her funeral[40] and Billie to save Nick Edwards.[41] Initially her transformation looked like shapeshifting,[35][36] but it later began producing white orbs just as her sisters' would.[39]

Healing TouchEdit


"Lights! I'm doing that right now."
—Paige on the lights[src]

Paige had the power to conjure dancing lights by calling for them. She used it to prove to Henry that magic was real.[42]



Paige had the power to hover with the assistance of orbs. A dream version of herself displayed it while looking for enlightenment,[43] and she later used it in real life while doing the same thing on the Golden Gate Bridge under the influence of Dumain.[44]

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