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A mortal is a human being that possesses no magical powers of their own, though they are capable of practising magic by tapping into the All[1] as witch practitioners.[2][3] They were the first humans to walk the Earth, with a pair, Neena and her mate, becoming the first witches in the early days of humanity.[1] The two had several children who were carriers, meaning that their descendants were capable of producing magical offspring,[1] as Charlotte Warren did her daughter.[4]

Relationship with the magical communityEdit


Most mortals are unaware of the existence of magic, as it is kept secret from them by the forces of good and evil alike. The Tribunal was formed to monitor magic and ensure that the secret is kept, with the Cleaners being used as their agents to change memories and reality to prevent exposure. Despite this, non-magical relatives of witches are permitted to have knowledge of magic, as are some other mortals who are not considered at risk of exposing the community.

While they are mostly unaware of magic, the magical community has a relationship with mortals. For example, cupids bring people together, leprechauns deal out luck for them, and some are assigned whitelighters, who are supposed to keep their identity secret.[5]

The existence of demons is known to the United States government, who attempted to use demons to create super-soldiers[6] and stored items that they believed had supernatural significance.[7]


Some mortals who do good are destined to become whitelighters, and are known as future-whitelighters or whitelighters-to-be. They can be assigned whitelighters if the Council of Elders believe that they are in danger of straying from the path necessary to fulfilling their destiny.[8] It can be permissible for the whitelighter to reveal their true identities under certain circumstances, such as when Leo Wyatt told Daisy while she was being stalked by Alec.[9]

Mortals can also be assigned as charges if they are witch practitioners.[3]

Witch practitionersEdit

Main article: Witch practitioner

Mortals who are able to tap into the All and use magic are not considered particularly powerful by the magical community[3] and lack powers of their own. Despite this, practitioners and witches do have some interaction, with Penny Halliwell being part of a coven of practitioners such as Gail Altman.[10] Malevolent practitioners, known as dark practitioners,[4] also exist, with one example being Ruth Cobb.

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