Morris is the surname of a family of mortals. In 1967, Luther Morris was arrested and locked in jail for an unknown criminal act, but he decided to become a police officer after dressing up in uniform to escape. He later had a son named Darryl, who joined the San Francisco Police Department and was the partner of Andrew Trudeau, from another family of policemen. Through Andy, Darryl got to know Prudence Halliwell, Andy's girlfriend, and her sisters, Piper and Phoebe. Before Andy's death, he told Darryl that the sisters were witches and needed someone to cover for them. He did this many times for several years, and grw close to the Halliwells and, after Prue's death, their long-lost half-sister, Paige Matthews. By 2003, Darryl had married another mortal named Sheila, and they had a son named Darryl Jr.. They also had a son named Mikey at least a year after Darryl Jr.'s birth.

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