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Montana is the surname of a family of witches, though mortals may be related through marriage, who lived at a mansion in San Francisco. Another magical family, the Callaways, lived just opposite them, and, generations ago, they began a feud against one another, though the reason is long forgotten. The two families fought against each other using energy balls and potions, and exchanged curses on one another. Eventually, Richard Montana fell in love with Olivia Callaway, and they tried to end the feud, but to no avail, and Olivia was accidentally killed by Richard's brother, Steve in a crossfire. Richard was devastated and refused to practice magic. Afterwards, a muse, a whitelighter and other magical beings tried to stop the fighting, but the violence only ceased after the Charmed Ones learnt that the spirit of Olivia was framing both sides to avenge her death. After Paige Matthews helped Olivia move on, the two families reconciled and lived in peace.

Richard and Steve Montana were capable of creating and throwing energy balls, and their mother, Rosaline, was seen carrying a tray of potions, meaning she was most likely a witch too. Their father, Benjamin, was presumably magical aswell, since generations of Montana's fought the Callaways and he carried on the surname. Eve, whose relation to Richard is unknown, and her family lived at the Montana mansion, but moved out after the feud's end.

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