The Marks family is a long line of British witches descended from the Mighty Marks. During the mid to late 1600s, Thaddeus Marks, with the assistance of the Warren family, provided protection and shelter for other witches being pursued by witch hunters. A descendant of his, Edward Fathelenew Marks, married Margery Newswk and had at least one son, Robert Avery. Robert married Anne Whipple and had a son named Avery Fathood, after his middle name, and Avery later married Alicia Neethey. The two had three children; Simon Thaddeus Reginald, the eldest, and then Jeremy, Morgan and Forrester. The four of these, at least, were half-whitelighters, so one Marks witch in the family had a child with a, or their, whitelighter, which is unusual.

Members Edit

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