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Sigmund: "Uh, fortunately the rest of me is still at Magic School, otherwise I'd be -"
Piper Halliwell: "I'm sorry, Magic School?"
Sigmund: "Yes, that's right. Anyway, as I was saying, uh, as long as my body remains on grounds, I can't, uh, well, you know, die. It's all part of the magic thankfully."
Piper Halliwell: "Like the doorway in the middle of my stairway."
Sigmund: "Sorry, I didn't know where else to put it, it's the only way in or out of the school, I had to reach you somehow."
Sigmund and Piper Halliwell.[src]

Magic School is an institution of witchcraft located on a floating isle in a separate realm to the rest of reality. It can be reached through a number of portals placed all over the world, through orbing, or through a magical door which can be conjured by the school's staff.

Started by the Council of Elders after seeing what untrained witches were capable of, it is one of only two schools of magic known to exist, the other being Newrestic College of the Magical Arts. Aside from being a high school, there is a nursery there run by Winterbourne.


As Magic School needed to be safe from mortals as well as demons, Gideon built the school on a floating isle of rock with waterfalls that cascade over the edge. There is a path leading to a broken bridge next to a statue of a dragon that appears to have once been connected to the building's drawbridge. There are trees outside the windows of the Great Hall.

Known portalsEdit

Originally, the magical door was the only way, aside from orbing, in and out of the school. However, by 2009, there were portals placed strategically around the world, leading to the school.


Early historyEdit

"Seeing what untrained and untethered magic could do, the destruction of Atlantis being the prime example, the Elders created Magic School."
Leo Wyatt[src]

Following several catastrophic events caused by witches uneducated in their magic, including the destruction of Atlantis, the Council of Elders, specifically Gideon, decided to create a school of magic in order to train them. Gideon convinced the skeptical Elders that he could keep the institution safe from demonic intrusion and exposing magic.

To this end, the school was built in a parallel dimension on a floating rock near a cliff. The only way that witches could get in or out was through the use of a magical door which could be conjured by Gideon and his assistant at least. Whitelighters, however, could simply orb in.

Magic School was protected with several other pieces of magic, namely a powerful one that stopped people from dying in the school, though demons could still be vanquished there. Several shields and protective spells were also cast to keep teleporting demons out.

Gideon was made headmaster of Magic School, being the only Elder willing to take on the responsibility.

Mullen murderEdit

Danny Mullen

Danny Mullen moments before his death.

"Well, about twenty years ago, there was two students, brothers. One of them killed the other. Maybe it's him?"

Around 1986, Magic School student Danny Mullen's body was found. He had been shot to death, and, since his brother, Eddie Mullen, disappeared at the same time, Donovan believed that Eddie had killed him. In actuality, Danny was killed by Johnny the Gent inside the brothers' book, Crossed, Double-Crossed, which was kept in the library.

Despite the gravity of this event, the Elders did not shut down the school, presumably believing that Gideon was still capable of guaranteeing the students' safety, or that Gideon convinced him of this.


Gideon (TLOSH still)


Leo (S8promo)

Leonardo Wyatt.


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Subjects and teachersEdit

Magic School provides courses in several active powers (such as Astral Projection, Telekinesis, Telekinetic-Orbing) as well as basic ones such as Spellcasting and Potions. In addition to this, subjects such as Magic Appreciation and mortal classes such as Literature are taught.

According to Nisha Maksoud, the first lesson of each subject deals with explaining the rules of not using magic for personal gain and how that relates to their subject.



Donovan (CN1)


Winterbourne ACTA


Drake Demond4

Drake Demond.

Advanced CombatEdit

Advanced Magical CompositionsEdit

Advanced Magical OrbingEdit

  • Unknown

Advanced TelekinesisEdit

  • Unknown

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  • Unknown

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  • Unknown




Magic AppreciationEdit

  • Unknown

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  • Unknown

Modern MagicEdit

  • Unknown



  • Ben (student teacher)



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Bailey (THCW1)


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Discipline and rulesEdit

Paige Matthews: "And where did you get this arsenal?"
Leo Wyatt: "They were confiscated from the students at Magic School. I thought they might come in handy here. Didn't realize that there was a trick knife mixed in with other stuff."
Leo Wyatt and Paige Matthews[src]
  • Students are not permitted to be in possession of offensive weapons, such as knives or crossbows.
  • Students are not allowed to roam the school at night.

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  1. Gideon mentioned there being at least one dormitory in the school in The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell.

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