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The Phoenix

Lynn: "Wait. Do you have to leave so soon? Can't I help?"
Bianca: "Yeah. Someday when I ask you what it feels like to kill, don't lie to me. Don't tell me you don't feel a thing."
— Lynn and future-Bianca.[src]

Lynn (fl. 2003) was a witch, assassin and member of The Phoenix. Possessing the powers of energy balls, shimmering, reconstitution and apportation, she was the mother of Bianca and lived with her in an apartment in San Francisco, California.

In 2003, Piper Halliwell and Paige Matthews arrived at her home looking for a future-version of Bianca from an alternate timeline. Lynn apparently knew that they were trouble after they claimed that they came from Phoenix, Arizona, and had a brief confrontation with them before escaping with Bianca. Later, she arrived at the apartment and saw the future-Bianca wrecking the house in search for the grimoire. Although she offered to help, Bianca declined and implied that she disliked killing, which Lynn did not.

What happened to Lynn afterwards is unknown. It is unlikely that the Charmed Ones returned to vanquish her[1], and possible, given future-Bianca's almost tearful and subtle words on her views on killing, that she did not raise her daughter to be an assassin.


Early lifeEdit

Lynn was born into the family of assassin witches known as the Phoenix. She possessed the powers of shimmering, throwing energy balls, apporting objects, and reconstituting herself after her body is destroyed by a magical attack. It is possible that she possessed the additional ability of extracting others' powers, but this is unknown.

She either inherited or began a grimoire at some point. It contained several woodcut carvings, To Disempower a Witch, which requires a human heart, and the Inhibition Spell.

Raising a daughterEdit

Lynn: "Go and play with your toys. I'll be right in, okay?"
Bianca: "Okay."
— Lynn and Bianca.[src]

Lynn with her daughter.

Around 1997, Lynn had a daughter, who was named Bianca. She was also a witch, though her father is unknown. It is presumed that Lynn and the father of her baby either married and then divorced by 2002, or never married at all, as there was no wedding ring on her finger.

Lynn and Bianca lived in an apartment in San Francisco, California, which was full of Bianca's toys and stuffed animals. She did not keep her grimoire anywhere where one could easily find it, and, instead of manually obtaining it, she apported it when she required it.

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. They were shocked when they killed a Manticore mother in Little Monsters, implying they had never hurt or killed a mother, no matter how evil, before then.