Leo (S8p1)
Leonardo Wyatt
Biographical information

May 6, 1924[1]
San Francisco, California[2]


November, 1942[3] (aged 18)
Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands[4]

  • Leo
  • Leo Wyatt III[5]
  • Louis[6]
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  • Corporal[1]
  • Headmaster
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Dirty blond

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Wyatt becoming evil[7]

Notable charges
Phoebe: "I don't know. I mean, I guess I always feel like this right before a big battle, and then Leo comes down and, I don't know how he does it, but he makes me feel like I have the power to do anything."
Paige: "Really? It's different for me. It's like I forget that I even have any training and I- and I can't concentrate and Leo helps me focus and calm down. You know, I'm starting to think that we take Leo for granted."
Phoebe and Paige on Leo[src]

Leonardo[8] Wyatt (also known as Leo; May 6 1924[1]November, 1942[3]) was the eldest son of Christopher Wyatt. Studying medicine in San Francisco, Leo enlisted in World War II as a medic,[9] and was shot[9] in the Battle of Guadalcanal.[4] He accepted the offer of becoming a whitelighter, and was eventually assigned as whitelighter to the Charmed Ones after believing that he had vanquished Rennek.[10]

After the Charmed Ones' powers were unbound, Leo entered their lives posing as a handyman. He fell in love with Piper, which was considered unthinkable. Eventually, Leo proposed to Piper, believing that the Elders would not attempt to break holy matrimony. Their secret wedding was exposed by the Triad, but the two were later put "on probation" to see if their relationship distracted them from their respective duties. They were permitted to marry, and had three children named Wyatt, Chris and Melinda. Leo became an Elder after his role in defeating the Titans, and briefly became an Avatar in order to create a safe world for his family. He finally became human by throwing himself from the Golden Gate Bridge, and became headmaster of Magic School.



"We grew up together down in Burlingame. I went to school with Nathan. When the war came we made a deal with our recruitment officer that we would enlist as long as they kept us in the same unit."
—Leo on Nathan and Rick[src]

Leo was born in San Francisco, California[2] on May 6, 1924[1] to Christopher Wyatt. As a baby, he used a quilt belonging to his grandmother.[11] His relationship with his father was apparently not a good one,[12] and he was often in charge of looking after his many brothers and sisters.[13] The family lived in Burlingame,[14] where Leo attended school and befriended classmate Nathan Lang, as well as his older brother Rick.[14] Leo later began studying to become a doctor,[15] and married young to Lillian. His grandfather bought him a car at some point.[16]

In 1942, America joined World War II. Leo wanted to use his medical knowledge to work as a combat medic, but refused to enlist unless his recruitment officer kept him, Nathan and Rick in the same unit, which the officer agreed to.[14] He befriended Natalie, who was presumably a nurse in the field.[17] After arriving in Guadalcanal, the unit was ambushed outside of the airfield by the Japanese, and there were a great number of injuries to American troops, which proved taxing for Leo and the other medics. When Rick brought a heavily wounded Nathan to the medical tent, Leo asked Wilkinson to stabilise him while he went out into the field, where there were many more injured soldiers. The tent was bombed just as Leo left, killing Nathan and Rick and causing Leo to blame himself for their deaths. He saved many lives, but was shot while bandaging a soldier's head wound.[9]

Leo was awarded the Purple Heart posthumously, with it being given to Lillian.

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