Jessalyn, or Jess, at Magic School.

"Is this Magic School or a magic library?"
—Jessalyn backchatting Paige Matthews.[src]

Jessalyn "Jess" was a witch and student at Magic School by at least 2007[1]. A while after the school's recapture from demons, Leo Wyatt returned to teaching, and, for a lesson with Jessalyn and the class, brought in Paige Matthews to lecture them on the Book of Shadows. Jessalyn found it incredibly boring and was very rude about it, so Paige gave her the Book and let her cast the spell to hide identities. Just as Paige planned, the spell backfired, and Jessalyn was transformed into a huge monstrous being. The magic was presumably reversed afterwards.

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Early Life Edit

Jessalyn was presumably born into a family of witches, or at least had one magical parent, and was enrolled at Magic School for an education in magic and witchcraft. When she joined the school is unknown, though the head at the time could have been either Gideon, Paige Matthews or Leonardo Wyatt[2].

Paige's Lecture Edit

"I thought we’d be learning magic by, you know, doing it. Not being lectured at by some middle age guest speaker that -- hello – retired? I mean, how does a witch retire anyway?"
—Jessalyn arguing with Paige.[src]
Jessalyn monster

Jessalyn as a monster.

In 2007, Paige Matthews arrived at the school to give Jessalyn and her class a lecture in magic, and brought the Book of Shadows with her to demonstrate. She first told the students about the Book and its history, to which Jess yawned at rudely, wanting to practice magic and not read or learn about it. Jessalyn went on to say that she didn't want to listen to a retired, middle-aged witch drone on for a class, to which Paige argued with, but proceeded to give her the Book. She then told her to "be [her] guest" and cast any spell she wanted to. Flipping to the spell to hide identities, she cast the spell, which, as Paige intended to, backfired and transformed her into a huge, monstrous creature, which was not exactly what Paige thought would happen. Paige and Leo reversed the spell afterwards.

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Jessalyn, while studying at Magic School, had short blonde hair that almost reached her shoulders. Her eyes were blue, though slightly green, and she wore a pink cardigan, a white top, and pale purple trousers the day Paige Matthews came to lecture.

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  2. Though more likely Leo than Gideon or Paige, as she was openly rude to her when she presumably wouldn't if she was her ex-headmistress.