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September, 1895[1]


1965[1] (aged 69 or 70)

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Pianist (1920s)

Russell: "Would you tell your husband to play something different? I'm bored with this old song."
Baxter: "Don't worry about her, baby. Just keep playing."
Gordon: "Anything for you."
— Gordon and Baxter defying Russell[src]

Gordon Johnson (September, 18951965[1]) was a mortal and husband of P. Baxter. His wife was unfaithful to him until they were married in 1923 or early 1924,[2] after which she broke up with her lover.[3]

Gordon entertained the guests at the speakeasy held at the house by playing the piano in a small band. He attempted to stop Anton from killing his wife in 1924, and might have been aware of Russell's quest for power and her cousins' battle against her. After six years of marriage, Gordon and Baxter had a daughter named Penny.

Gordon died in 1965, at the age of sixty-nine or seventy,[1] when Penny was thirty-five years old. Baxter died five years later.


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Baxter: "I'm not even married."
Piper: "I know. And I'm not supposed to tell you any of this... but our lives are at stake, so screw the rules. You'll be married, and you'll have a daughter who's our grams."
Baxter and Piper Halliwell[src]

Gordon Johnson was born in September, 1895.[1] In 1923,[2] he began a romantic relationship with the witch P. Baxter, who was unfaithful to him and was also having a relationship with another man.

In 1923 or early 1924, Gordon and Baxter married, causing Baxter to end her affair.[3] Gordon moved into his wife's house at 1329 Prescott Street, where her cousins Bowen and Russell also lived, and where Gordon worked as a pianist in a band at the speakeasy held there.

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