Francine Bowen
Francine Bowen
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* Gordon Johnson II (husband)
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Francine Johnson nee Bowen (1879 - 1956) was the wife of Gordon Johnson II, who she may have been distantly related to, and great-aunt to the Charmed Ones[3], who she never met. Her husband was, in fact, forty-eight years younger than her and she died fourteen years before him, at the age of seventy-seven in 1956. Francine's name was written on the Halliwell Family Tree underneath her husband's, and her name was seen by her great-nieces while they browsed for her husband's mother and aunts, and later when searching for baby name's for their first son. Her ghost may have visited the Wiccaning of Wyatt and Christopher Halliwell[4], aswell as her neice-in-law, Patricia Halliwell.

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Notes and References Edit

  1. Francine was most likely a witch, as Phoebe Bowen, a likely relative, was also one.
  2. It is highly unlikely that the two are unrelated in some way.
  3. As Penelope Halliwell was their grandmother and Francine was her sister-in-law, that would make her their great-aunt.
  4. The Wiccaning Spell calls upon all of the Halliwell matriarchs, so she may not have been summoned there.

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