Female Oracle
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"You people, you creatures, whatever, you can't be here, you gotta go."
Piper Halliwell to the Oracle and the Magical Community.[src]

This female Oracle was a good prophetic magical creature[2] that arrived at the Halliwell Manor with many other good beings in 2003. She was in the very long line to try and remove the legendary sword, Excalibur, from its encasing stone after the Charmed Ones rescued it from the Black Knight and his Executioner Demons. Despite waiting a considerable amount of time to make her attempt[3], Piper Halliwell rushed into the line and pulled out the sword. The Oracle, along with the other creatures, bowed to her, believing her to be their new "Queen Arthur", so to speak[4], and left the Manor.

Oracle in the line

The Oracle at the Manor.


Notes and References Edit

  1. As the evil Oracle possessed this power.
  2. If this Oracle was evil, it is unlikely that she would, a) go to the Manor unprotected, and b) wait patiently in a line for the chance to become the Queen.
  3. She was second in line before Piper pushed in front, and several creatures appeared in front of her before that, meaning people pushed in front.
  4. It was said that whomever pulled out the sword would become King or Queen aswell as the Ultimate Power.

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