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Elise Rothman
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James L. Connors (ex-husband)

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The Bay Mirror


Elise Rothman (formerly Connors)

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Phoebe Halliwell: "Um, okay. Have you ever gone through a period in your life where all you can think about, all you wanna do, is just get away from it?"
Elise Rothman: "When I was married to my ex, James L. Connors. What a schmuck."
Phoebe Halliwell: "Okay. And you were able to move on from him, right? Rebuild your life. Even though, at the time, you probably thought you couldn't."
Elise Rothman: "Yeah."
— Elise speaking with Phoebe Halliwell.[src]

Elise was born into a mortal family and lived in San Francisco. At some point, she met and married James L. Connors, but they divorced, Elise calling him a "schmuck". After that, she rebuilt her life, and became editor of The Bay Mirror, though it is possible she began that profession prior to, or during, her marriage. She worked very hard and worked her heart and soul into the paper, wanting it to be a reliable news source, and rivalled The Daily and perhaps The San Francisco Chronicle. During her career, she hired Jordan as the fashion editor, Seth Parra as a journalist, Karen Young as the advice columnist, Tom Taylor as the copy editor, possibly Mr. Bauer as a columnist, and Richard Dillard as the "substitute" editor.

Employing Phoebe Halliwell Edit

"When she's late, I'm late. I'm an editor with better things to do than to wait around for her."
—Elise on Karen Young, whom she fired in order to hire Phoebe Halliwell.[src]

Originally, the advice columnist of The Bay Mirror was Karen Young, a married woman whom Elise hated, and who felt the same way about her. It was one day that Phoebe Halliwell arrived at the paper's building and told Elise that Karen was sick, so Elise told her to tell Karen she was fired for being late. However, Phobe then said that she was collecting the letters for the column so Karen could do them at home, so Elise let her, saying the deadline was at eight that evening. In reality, Phoebe herself was writing the column, and, when Elise arrived at Karen's office, found Leo Wyatt and Piper Halliwell with Karen, claiming to be her doctor and nurse and that she was going to be better. Later on, she visited Elise and told her that it was Phoebe who wrote the column and not her, so she was fired and Phoebe was hired. The column was then renamed Ask Phoebe with the tagline "she has all the answers".

Ask Phoebe's Early Existence Edit

Elise: ""Dear betrayed, I suggest you beat your cheating husband with his secretary's stapler. Then he'll think twice before bending her over his desk again.""
Phoebe: "Well, it might be a little harsh, but I think it makes a point."
Elise: "What it makes is a law suit. So unless you're looking to lose your job..."
— Elise threatening to fire Phoebe, who was evil and under the effects of the Seer's tonic.[src]

Despite initially being delighted with her new advice columnist, while Phoebe was under the effects of the Seer's tonic and her pregnancy with her son, she wrote an appalling column, telling one woman to "beat your cheating husband with his secretary's stapler". Elise confronted her on this and threatened to fire her unless she got her act together, which angered Phoebe a lot. When Elise tried to leave Phoebe's office, her husband, Cole Turner, stood in her way, only moving when Elise said "excuse me" very demandingly.

Weeks later, Cole rescued a woman named Melissa from a burning building, so Elise told Phoebe to get an interview from him, despite her objections. Eventually, Phoebe forged the interview after Cole left, though Elise didn't know any difference and published it.

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