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Magical beings, objects, powers and history; spells and potions; advice (see list of entries)

Melinda Warren: "But obviously each generation of Warren witches has added to it over the years and has made it so. Have you added anything?"
Phoebe Halliwell: "Us? Are you kidding? We're new at this. We can't just make up our own spell. Wait, can we?"
Melinda Warren: "All things in time, Phoebe. The book will grow as you grow. Sometimes you add to it, sometimes it teaches you."
Melinda Warren and Phoebe Halliwell on the book[src]

The Halliwell Book of Shadows[1] was a book considered to be the most magical of all tomes.[1] Begun by Melinda Warren[2] before 1692,[3] it was passed down through the family, with each generation adding to it over the years.[4]


The Halliwell Book of Shadows was begun at some point between 1670 and 1692[3] by Melinda Warren.[2] She included in it the curse that she would use against Matthew Tate prior to her execution.[5] Following her death, her friend Elizabeth Hasting took her daughter Prudence to Boston, Massachusetts with the book, hiding it beneath a loose floorboard in her house. After a time-travelling Piper and Phoebe Halliwell and Paige Matthews told Prudence that she was a witch, Elizabeth gave the book to her.[6] Prudence kept the book and took it with her to Salem, adding entries to it, including dark magic whilst under an enchantment placed on her by Falcroft. The dark magic was later removed.[7]

The book was passed on to Prudence's daughter Cassandra Wentworth,[6] who presumably passed it on to her own daughter Pamela Bousquet, who apparently left it to her daughters Brianna, Mrs Baxter and Agnes after she moved to France.[8][9] The sisters' daughters - P. Bowen, P. Baxter and P. Russell - shared the book at 1329 Prescott Street.[10] As Bowen and Russell died childless, the book was handed down to Penny, who left it in a trunk after deciding to strip Prue, Piper and Phoebe of their powers.[11][12]

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