Biographical Information
Born c. 1997
Physical Information
Species Witch
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Skin color White
Familial Information
Family members Lynn (mother)
Magical Characteristics
Active power(s)
Base powers
Home Apartment in San Francisco, California
Loyalty The Phoenix
Bianca: "Mommy! Mommy. Mommy, can I play with—"
Lynn: "Oh, Bianca, sweetie. Give mommy a minute, okay?"
Bianca: "Okay."
— Bianca and her mother.[src]

Bianca (born c. 1997[4]) was a Phoenix witch and daughter of Lynn, born around 1997. She was raised in her mother's apartment in San Francisco, California from a young age, and possessed the powers of shimmering, energy balls and reconstitution.

At the age of about six or seven, she encountered Piper Halliwell and Paige Matthews, who were looking for a version of her from an alternate future. Piper combusted Lynn, who reformed and took Bianca to safety.

Since the future-Bianca told Lynn that she did not like the feeling of killing, it is possible that little-Bianca was not raised as an assassin witch like the rest of her family.



Lynn: "Go and play with your toys. I'll be right in, okay?"
Bianca: "Okay."
— Bianca and her mother.[src]

Bianca with her mother.

Bianca's mother, Lynn, was a member of the Phoenix whom she gained her powers from. They lived together in an apartment in San Francisco, where Bianca had her own bedroom and had many toys and dolls.

Lynn rushed to Bianca's side after Piper Halliwell combusted her and she and Paige Matthews headed for Bianca's bedroom. She picked her up and teleported away to safety before either of them had the chance to get hurt.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Bianca was played by Ashlyn Sanchez in Chris-Crossed, while her future-self was played by Marisol Nichols.
  • Although Bianca never displayed any powers, it can be assumed that she possessed the same powers that her future-self was shown to have, being one in the same person.


Notes and ReferencesEdit

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  2. As she cast the Inhibition Spell, she must have been able to cast spells. She also cast a future time-travel spell non-verbally.
  3. 3.0 3.1 Being a witch, it can be assumed that she possessed this power.
  4. Piper said she was about six or seven.