Betsy randle

Betsy May Randle (June 24, 1955 in Chicago, Illinois) portrayed Mrs. Winterbourne and is an American actress best known for her role as Amy Matthews on Boy Meets World which lasted seven seasons. She grew up in the suburb of Glenview. She is a graduate of New Trier High School and the University of Kansas. She is married to film editor John Randle and they have two children, Aaron and Jessica. Mrs. Randle and her family reside in Los Angeles, California.

Appearances Edit

  • Home Improvement (1992-1993) as Karen Kelly
  • Boy Meets World (1993-2000) as Amy Matthews
  • H-E Double Hockey Sticks (1999) *uncredited*
  • Urban Mythology (2000) as Carol Simpson
  • The Nightmare Room (2001) as Dylan's mother
  • The Beat (2003) as Marie Bernard
  • Charmed (2004) as Mrs. Winterbourne

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