Angel III

The Angel of Destiny.

"What you are planning is not part of the Grand Design. The enemies you scheme against have fulfilled their role in the battle."
—The Angel of Destiny confronting Neena and Hogan.[src]

This individual is a female Angel of Destiny who, along with the other angels, protects the Grand Design and oversees destinies. During 2007, she visited Neena and Hogan, a demon and warlock, in a club and confronted them, telling them that those whom they plotted against had already fulfilled their destinies. Hogan told her that he controlled his own destiny and Neena created a portal behind her. The angel was then attacked by Neena's fire power, and pushed into the portal[1]. It is unknown where she was transported to, but, as an Angel of Destiny, it can be assumed that she simply teleported away.

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