Sister Agnes is a mortal nun at a church in San Francisco. Being visited by Samuel Wilder and Patricia Halliwell while in her twenties, she gave their newborn daughter to Mark and Helen Matthews under the condition that her name begin with a "p". Sworn to secrecy and asked not to tell others about magic, having witnessed Sam orb, Agnes remained at the church for over twenty years afterwards. Finally, in 2001, she was visited by the girl, who had been named Paige by her now deceased parents, and Agnes told her about her real mother and father, giving her a blanket that Sam and Patty left for her at the church. Afterwards, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell arrived and froze Agnes, who later unfroze to find Paige gone and Piper and Phoebe on the floor, whom she asked for an explanation.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Agnes was born to a mortal family and was of the Christian faith. At an unknown time, she became a nun at a church near both Prescott Street and Pine Street in San Francisco. The building is protected by gargoyles, but whether Agnes new about this or not is unknown.

Visit of the "Angels" Edit

While in her early twenties, Sister Agnes witnessed Samuel Wilder orbing Patricia Halliwell and their daughter to the church, and she was asked to find their newborn daughter a good home. She was told to request the girl's family to give her a name beginning with a "P", and to give her the blanket that they bundled her up in should she come looking for her blood-relatives. Agnes did so, and found the baby girl a home with Mark and Helen Matthews, who named their adoptive daughter "Paige", honouring Sam and Patty's request. Finally, Agnes was asked not to tell anyone of magic, and the two, whom she thought to be angels, orbed away.

Paige's Return Edit

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